How to pick plants for your garden

May 6, 2016

Here are some tips to help you when purchasing your plants online or at your local nursery.

How to pick plants for your garden

1. Purchasing plants online

Some rare herbs can be purchased at specialty nurseries, which usually offer a sales service by mail or online purchase.

  • After completing the order, you'll likely look forward to receiving your valuable packages. If there are multiple types of packaging, the plants are usually chosen in a stage of intermediate maturity and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • The plug is sometimes wrapped in plastic wrap or in a bucket that does not allow the substrate to escape. Some plants can be shipped as roots, such as turmeric or ginger,  or bulbs, is is the case with summer leek.
  • Upon receipt, unpack your plants as soon as you can and put them in a sheltered and semi-shaded area for a few days while they adjust to their new environment.
  • To facilitate their recovery, water your plants with an algae solution and diluted liquid fertilizer.

2. Buying plants at the nursery

In nurseries and garden centres, you'll find plenty of aromatic plants of all sizes and kinds. You can choose annuals or perennials in pots or find a little more developed plants, almost ready for consumption.

Seasonal plants can be interesting choices, like perennials, shrubs and trees, not to mention the companion plants.

  • You might be tempted to choose well-developed young plants, sometimes even at the flowering stage, but they may already be too cramped in their pot. In general, young specimens are better adapted to their new environment.
  • Before buying a plant, check that the roots are healthy and not too tight at the bottom of the pot. If they form a dense and compact network and begin to escape from their container, there is no guarantee that they will grow well in your garden.
  • If necessary, don't hesitate to ask the sales people. They are there to share their knowledge and help you make the right choices.
  • Once you get home, let your plants soak for a few hours to make sure the root ball has absorbed enough water before planting.

This information will help you when buying your plants. It will help you keep in mind the important factors to consider.

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