Creative solutions for removing crayon marks

Crayon-wielding children will always be mysteriously attracted to the walls of your home. They're also known to leave their mark on clothing, furniture and carpet. And crayons, when left in a pocket, can melt and make a mess of the dryer and stain clothing. Here are some tips from removing crayon marks.

Creative solutions for removing crayon marks

1. To remove crayon from most smooth surfaces

  • Spray marks on painted walls, glass, metal, tile, marble or porcelain, with a penetrating lubricant and then wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Spray first in an obscure spot to make sure it won't harm what you're cleaning.
  • If that lubricant doesn't do the trick, dip a sponge into a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water and wet the crayon mark, rubbing with a circular motion.
  • Rinse with warm water, then air dry.

2. To remove crayon from clothing

  • Place the fabric on a layer of paper towels, then spray with a penetrating lubricant.
  • Spray more of the lubricant on a clean rag and apply it to both sides of the stain.
  • Allow the lubricant to sit for two minutes.
  • Then, using your fingers, rub 1–2 drops of dishwashing liquid into the stain on each side.
  • Replace the paper towels as they absorb the crayon.
  • Wash the clothing in the washing machine using the hottest water possible and the heavy soil setting.

3. Other approaches to try

  • Use a light touch on the stain with a dry, soap-filled steel wool pad.
  • Or, rub the stain gently with baking soda sprinkled on top of a damp sponge.
  • Pre-treat the stain with hair spray before washing.

4. To remove crayon on upholstery and carpeting

  • Scrape up as much crayon as you can with a metal spoon or dull knife.
  • Then wet the mark with a penetrating lubricant and let it stand five minutes.
  • Apply elbow grease and a stiff-bristled brush, then wipe with paper towels.
  • Spray again with lubricant.
  • Dab 1–2 drops of dishwashing liquid onto the stain and work it in with the brush.
  • Then wipe with a damp sponge.
  • If the stain persists, repeat.
  • Or use a dry-cleaning solvent (from hardware stores), according to instructions.

5. To remove crayon on floors

  • On vinyl no-wax flooring, use silver polish. Rinse well with water and dry with a paper towel.
  • On a wooden floor, place an ice-filled plastic bag on the crayon mark to make it brittle, then scrape with a spoon or dull knife.
  • Or place a clean rag on the mark and heat it with an iron (no steam). The rag will soak up the melted wax.
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