Easy Fixes for Internet Connection Issues

September 18, 2015

A faulty internet connection can be frustrating, but many issues are easily resolved if you know what your are looking for. Follow the below tips and tricks to ensure you maintain a strong connection.

Easy Fixes for Internet Connection Issues

I can’t connect to the Internet

Check your phone line

Fixing your computer's connection to the Internet can be a complex job, because the problem may lie with your internet service provider (ISP), your phone line, your router, your computer or the way that these components "talk" to one another. If your connection is suddenly interrupted, take the following steps before seeking technical help.

  • First, check that your phone line is working — can you still make regular calls? If not, contact your phone company to report a fault.
  • Your computer (or tablet or phone) can sometimes drop off your wireless network for no apparent reason. Check that you are connected to your Wi-Fi system, not another one (belonging to your neighbours, for example). Try restarting the computer and the router — this will often reestablish the link.

My connection has become very slow

Ration your Internet use

Routers allow multiple computers, tablets and phones to connect to the Internet simultaneously through one broadband line. The more devices that use the line, the slower each individual connection becomes — especially when users are downloading big music or video files, or playing online games.

  • The best solution is to upgrade to a faster connection by buying extra bandwidth from your Internet provider.
  • Depending on where you live, upgrading to a faster connection may not be possible. If that's the case, you could have another phone line installed at home and add another DSL connection on the new phone line, though this is a costly option.
  • A simple solution is to ration your family's Internet use, spreading it more evenly over time. Avoid streaming movies if there's an option to download them. Start your download just before you go to sleep — the movie will be ready to view the next day. Have a family meeting and agree on time slots for individuals to use the Internet — for example, limit online gaming to a certain hour and viewing catch-up TV to another.

Word to know


At the centre of most home broadband setups is the router (which is why it is often called a hub). The router receives data that arrives through the broadband connection, deciphers it and delivers it to your computer, tablet or other connected devices, usually via localized radio signals or Wi-Fi. It's usual for all these functions to be combined in one box that plugs into your home phone socket.

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