Easy Fixes for Sneaker Issues

Of your clothing, it is most likely your shoes that take the biggest brunt of wear and tear. Following these simple tips and tricks will ensure a long life for your favourite pair of sneakers.

Easy Fixes for Sneaker Issues

My son’s sneakers stink

Make an odour absorber

If you need to keep a pair of shoes outside the house because they smell bad, it's time to try this simple tip.

  • Cut off the feet and a little of each leg from an old pair of tights then fill the feet with baking soda.
  • Tie a knot in each leg to seal the socks then pop them into the shoes overnight.

You will need several boxes of baking soda, but your odour absorbers can be used again and again.

Gum is stuck to sole of my shoe

Freeze it away with ease

If chewing gum is embedded in the tread of your sneakers, it's a long job to scrape it out.

  • Placethe shoe into a plastic freezer bag and squash the bag onto the gum until it is truly stuck.
  • Put the shoe in the freezer. When the chewing gum is hard, pull the bag away from the sole — it should bring the chewing gum with it in one lump.

My laces have frayed

Use nail polish to extend their life

Frayed laces look untidy and are difficult to thread into the eyes on your shoes. You can neaten them up quickly and make an effective temporary repair by twisting the straggly threads and dipping them into clear nail polish.

My tennis shoes are dirty

Apply baking soda to remove stains

The rubber parts of sneakers and other sports shoes will pick up grass stains and other scuffs that are hard to remove. Dab a damp cloth into some baking soda and scrub away at the marks to make them look like new.

When you buy a new pair of canvas shoes, give them a quick spritz with spray starch; this will prevent grime from working its way into the fabric.

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