Easy Fixes for Vinyl Floor Issues

June 30, 2015

Replacing flooring is not only a hassle, it can be very expensive, especially if the imperfection is minor. The below tips can save you the headache of vinyl flooring imperfections.

Easy Fixes for Vinyl Floor Issues

There’s a bubble in my vinyl floor

Burst and flatten it to a level finish

Changes in temperature or humidity can make bubbles appear under your vinyl or other layered flooring — this can also happen to flooring that was laid hastily or using an inappropriate adhesive. You can deal with the bubbles and save yourself the expense of a new floor.

  1. Use a craft knife or scalpel to make a small cut through the middle of each bubble.
  2. Squirt vinyl adhesive from the bottle into the cut.
  3. Use a rolling pin or a bottle to flatten the bubble and spread out the adhesive within, and wipe away any glue that has been forced out onto the surface of the floor.
  4. Place a heavy, flat object (such as a pile of books) on the bubble and leave overnight. Allow the adhesive to dry.

I’ve gouged my vinyl floor

Make your own floor filler

  1. If possible, find a leftover piece of vinyl or cut a small fragment from an unseen part of the floor — under an appliance or within a cupboard, for example.
  2. Grate your scrap of vinyl on the finest side of a cheese grater and mix the vinyl shavings with clear nail polish in a jar.
  3. Use an old flat-bladed knife or putty knife to apply your homemade filler to the damaged area; build up the repair in a few layers for a perfect colour match.
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