Easy tips to care for wicker patio furniture

November 3, 2015

Easy tips to care for wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture is very durable with proper care and maintenance. These easy tips will help you keep your patio furniture in tip-top condition, even after using it for several years.

Easy tips to care for wicker patio furniture

What is wicker furniture?

Wicker furniture is made by weaving fibres around a frame. Fibres can be made of palm, reed, willow and even twisted paper. Thick stems, stalks or vines usually make a good frame for this kind of furniture.

Cleaning wicker furniture

It's easy to care for and maintain wicker patio furniture. Regular vacuuming removes dust. Use the soft bristle attachment of the vacuum to avoid damaging the furniture. If you notice stubborn dirt lodged between the crevices of the woven fibres, remove it using tweezers or a dry paintbrush. Clean spills and soils with a cloth or sponge dampened with a mild detergent solution. Allow the furniture to dry before using it.


If you live in a humid area, your wicker furniture is more susceptible to mildew and mould, which can cause the speedy decay of the fibres. Check your furniture regularly for mould and mildew growth. At the first sign of fungal growth, clean the furniture with a solution of bleach or borax. Wear rubber gloves when using these solutions to prevent skin irritation.


Wicker furniture that is exposed to too much sunlight tends to become dry. If the furniture becomes too dry, the fibres will eventually split. To prevent this, put the furniture in a shady area and spray it with water on a breezy day. Allow it to air-dry before using it to prevent the glue in the joints from weakening.


The paint or finish of wicker furniture will inevitably peel off or crack after regular use. When this happens, you can simply scrape off the loose paint, then apply some primer. Repaint the furniture after the primer dries. Painting can also restore the lustre of old wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture can make a great heirloom. When cared for properly, you might have antique furniture in the making in your patio.

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