Everything you need to start doing needlepoint

July 28, 2015

Needlepoint is a fun and portable craft that can yield beautiful results. Use these suggestions to get started.

Everything you need to start doing needlepoint

Pick up the right supplies

  • Canvases can be bought from craft shops or online. You can work with pre-printed patterns on them or reference printed charts.
  • Tapestry wool, viscose, cotton and silk are all suitable yarns for needlepoint, and should match the size of the canvas holes (its gauge).
  • Yarn should be thick enough to cover the canvas when stitches are formed, but slip easily through the holes without distorting the canvas or scuffing the yarn.

Master the continental tent stich

  1. Pull the needle through the canvas to the right side, leaving five to six centimetres of yarn at the back.
  2. Work the first row from right to left, catching in the tail of yarn with the first few stitches.
  3. Add the next row of stitches below the first one, working from left to right.
  4. Continue working alternately from right to left, and then from left to right.

Move on to the basketweave tent stitch

  1. Beginning at the upper left of the area to be worked, bring the needle out to the front and insert it one square up to the right.
  2. Bring it back out again two squares down, then repeat until you've made the required number of stitches diagonally down the mesh.
  3. To begin the "up" row, complete your last down stitch by bringing the needle out two squares down but one to the left.
  4. Put the needle in one square up to the right, then out again two to the left.
  5. Repeat until you have the required number of diagonal rows up and down.

Finish up

To finish, bring the needle and yarn to the back of the canvas. Weave the yarn through the underside of the last few stitches you've made. Then, trim off any excess thread.

Needlepoint is versatile and easy craft that can be done almost anywhere. Start off simple and, before you know it, you could be making beautiful pieces for your home or as inexpensive gifts.

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