Fast hints for cleaning joggers and sneakers

July 28, 2015

Most shoe manufacturers discourage machine washing of joggers and sneakers. But some simple canvas or all-synthetic shoes can safely take a spin in the washer. Before cleaning any type of jogger or sneaker, check the label instructions. You may want to purchase a sneaker care kit designed for athletic shoes, particularly if you have leather shoes.

Fast hints for cleaning joggers and sneakers

1. For leather joggers or sneakers

It's best to use a regular leather cleaner and conditioner. Just don't use saddle-soap. It may be great for saddles, but it can damage other kinds of leather.

2. To machine wash canvas or synthetic joggers or sneakers

  • Brush the exterior free of soil.
  • Spray them with a stain-removal spray, especially if they are grass-stained.
  • Wipe the spray around the shoe, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then put the shoes in the wash.
  • Give them a cold machine wash with regular laundry detergent. Leave the laces in, but untied. After washing, tie the laces to help maintain the shoe's shape.
  • Include light-coloured towels in the wash. The rubbing action of the towels will not only help clean the sneakers, but will also keep them from bouncing around.
  • If you have items in the same wash load that you want to protect, put the sneakers in an old pillowcase.
  • Air-dry on a rack.

3. To hand clean canvas and synthetic joggers or sneakers

  • Rinse the shoes in clear water.
  • Use a soft brush to scrub the shoes with a pH-neutral laundry liquid or a eucalyptus wool wash, which leaves a nice fresh smell.
  • For scuff marks, scour with a white, nylon-backed scrub pad.
  • Rinse to remove all traces of detergent and then air-dry.
  • Stuff the shoes with white paper to retain their shape.
  • An alternative for canvas sneakers is to squirt on foam shaving cream, let it sit for half an hour and brush off what remains. Then wipe your sneakers with a clean, damp cloth.

4. To dry your cleaned sneakers faster

  • Place them below the refrigerator door so the warm air blowing out hits them.
  • Don't dry your sneakers in direct sunlight, as it might fade them.
  • And don't stuff your shoes with newspaper — the ink might transfer to the fabric.
  • Make sure your shoes are completely dry before you wear them.

5. To give joggers or sneakers a fresh smell

  • Place a sheet of fabric softener in them overnight.
  • Or, make a baking soda sachet: Put 10 to 15 ml (2 to 3 tsp) of baking soda in the centre of a cotton cloth, close the cloth with a string or rubber band and put one sachet in each shoe overnight.
  • The sachets can be reused in any kind of shoe.

6. To waterproof non-leather joggers or sneakers

Use a waterproofing product specifically designed for sneakers.

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