Fun activities to do with your kids to make moving easier for them

December 8, 2014

Most kids cope well with change, but there's often anxiety. To prepare your children, here aresome fun activities you can do with your kids to help make moving easier for them.
Before the move

Find the right time to let your children know you’re moving. If you’re concerned your child may experience anxiety, sleepless nights or if it may bring down their grades, it’s better to wait. Two key things to remember in this situation:

  • It's important to explain the reason for moving, such as a new job, better neighbourhood or arrival of a new child.
  • Allow them to express their feelings and thoughts and do not react negatively. Listen and simply mention you are there for them and they can trust you completely.

Once your children know the details about the upcoming move, it's time to introduce them to some fun activities that you can do together that will help make moving day easier for them:

    • Help assemble a scrapbook or box of mementos, including notes from their friends, neighbours and teachers. Encourage them to take pictures (or make drawings) of the house and neighbourhood for the collection.
    • Check out the new neighbourhood with your children. Jot down addresses of local parks and places you know they’ll like: ice cream parlours, swimming pools, toy stores and all other points of interest.
    • If they're old enough, involve them in packing up their own personal belongings. Why not treat them to a little something special for their new room? This might be a cool new lamp, cosy quilt or poster that they like.
    • As the big day approaches, tell your children to fill their backpack with some of their favourite toys to keep with them.

The big day!

Some may argue it’s better to find a sitter for the kids on moving day. Why not include them? They might really enjoy getting settled into their new space with their favourite books and toys.

  • One way or another, you should prioritize setting up your child’s bedroom first. It’s a good idea to plan snacks, bring movies to watch on a portable DVD player or tablet, and include colouring books and comics.
  • You may, however, ask someone to keep an eye on your littler ones. This will keep toddlers and babies occupied, entertained and will give you one less thing to think about with everything else going on.

Back to the routine

The fastest way for your children to adapt to their new surroundings is to get back into their routine. Don’t miss their usual bath or bedtime routine that night — it's important for them to feel safe and secure right away in their new home.

In the weeks that follow, be sure to get together as a family as often as possible and ask them questions about their new friends and how school is going. Be patient — not all children adapt at the same pace.

Other things you can do to help your children settle down into their new surroundings:

  • Organize fun activities to encourage your little ones to discover the new space.
  • You can also plan a scavenger hunt, play hide and seek, or stash surprises (small toys or candy) for them to find inside the house.

These simple games and activities — before, during and after the move — will quickly create fun memories that your children will associate with the new house.

Fun activities to do with your kids to make moving easier for them
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