Hints for perfectly grilled fish every time

Steaks and burgers aside, there's almost nothing better to hit the grill than a nice piece of fish. If you've never tried it before and are unsure how it'll turn out, be assured that grilling fish perfectly every time is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some hints to help.

Hints for perfectly grilled fish every time

Selecting the best fish

For best results when grilling fish, be sure to choose a species with firm flesh such as salmon, swordfish, halibut or tuna.

  • These varieties tend to keep their texture when grilled and won't fall apart as easily as some softer-fleshed species.
  • If you do choose to grill a soft fish, be sure to cook it whole, either in a wire basket or wrapped in aluminium foil.

On the grill

It's a good idea to brush or spray some oil onto the grill and the fish before cooking so the fish will be less likely to stick.

  • If you have marinated your fish, be sure to rinse it off before placing the fish on the grill, because it will cause it to stick and burn.
  • If your fish has thick sections, don't hesitate to cut scores into the flesh to let the heat penetrate better. If you like, you can insert cloves of garlic, lemon slices, or pieces of ginger in the cuts to impart some extra flavour as it cooks.

Cooking times

A good rule of thumb to remember when grilling fish is to turn it only one time. When done this way, the flesh of the fish will be smooth, white and tender.

  • The goal is to sear it on the outside to lock in the natural juices, and then cook until it is crisp with a nice brown colour.
  • Start by first brushing the flesh side of the fish with oil to help prepare it for a short cooking time.
  • For most pieces of fish, you can count on cooking it 10 minutes for each inch of depth.

Adding some flavour

It's easy to spice up your fish dish by adding extra seasonings when it's on the grill.

  • After you have flipped it for the last time, brush the fish with melted butter and squirt on lemon juice or sprinkle ginger, dill, or other herbs to your taste.

Grilling fish shouldn't be something to dread or avoid because the rewards are simply delicious. Just follow these guidelines and you'll have a delightful fish dinner whenever your cravings hit.


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