4 cleaning secrets for a spot-free home

November 6, 2014

4 cleaning secrets for a spot-free home

1. Begin with dusting

  • Dusting includes picking up and dusting objects and surfaces, wiping down skirting boards and window ledges and wiping down TV screens and audio equipment.
  • Pillows and other soft furnishings can be dusted by throwing them in the dryer and using the fluff cycle.
  • As part of this process, you will do a general picking up and tidying of the house. Dusting/picking up is a great way to get your place looking fresher and cleaner in a short amount of time.

Expert tip: Spray cleaning products on your dusting cloth, not on the items being dusted.

2. Vacuuming and mopping

  • Vacuum all floors and carpets. Vacuum area rugs, then pick up and shake out smaller rugs. Mop hard floors after you've vacuumed.
  • When vacuuming kitchens, open drawers and vacuum up crumbs and other debris that may fall to the floor.
  • Lamp shades and sofa/chair upholstery need not be vacuumed each time you clean (unless pet hair is an issue) but should be vacuumed monthly.
  • The edges of large area rugs should be lifted so the floor or carpet underneath can be vacuumed.
  • Vacuuming any garage, porch, or patio entrance into your home will help keep dirt and debris out.

Expert tip: If baseboards are dusty, use a mop for back-saving cleaning. Always mop your way out of a room. When mopping wood, go with the wood's grain to avoid leaving streaks.

3. Bathrooms

  • Look at the bathroom through the eyes of a visitor. Cluttered counters, mildew on shower curtains, or dripping taps are all off-putting.
  • The more you have out on counters, the more time it takes to clean.
  • Store what you don't need daily. Next, clean the mirrors so that they are streak-free from all angles.
  • Foam cleaners are best for this task. Wipe down fixtures, cool light bulbs, and walls. Don't forget the underside of the tap and the base of the toilet.

Expert tip: For a professional look, fold towels in three.

4. Kitchens

  • Clean under sinks and in garbage areas regularly. These become dirty the fastest. Wipe down counters daily.
  • Every week or so, go through your fridge to throw out old items and wipe down surfaces.
  • Wipe the outside of any appliances, like your dishwasher or oven. Bleach and wipe down sink drains and stoppers, as these are a haven for germs and bacteria.

Expert tip: When cleaning the oven, remove the bottom drawer before spraying oven cleaner. The cleaner will erode the enamel if you do not. Place paper towels or newspapers on the floor to catch drips.

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