Practical hints to keep your pillows clean and dust-free

It's a good idea to give pillows regular TLC, as they're a big source of allergens. To help you do that, here are some practical hints to keep your pillows clean and dust-free.
Before washing read the label

Reading the label is the first step in learning how to wash a pillow. Although dry cleaning may be necessary, it may be possible for you to wash your pillows yourself in the washing machine. If you feel unsure about the whole idea, you can also leave your pillows in your dry cleaner’s care.

1. Feather and down pillows

  • If the label advises against washing your feather and down pillows, shake them out on a regular basis and air them out once in a while.
  • If you can wash your pillowsin the washing machine, do so once or twice a year. Before placing them in, look for tears and make any required repairs. Choose the delicate cycle, wash in cold water, and use a gentle bleach-free detergent. Adding two or three tennis balls to the washer will prevent feathers from clumping.
  • To prevent moisture from ruining your pillows, they should be dried well. Choose the “air dry” setting and allow at least two hours for the pillows to dry. Make sure there is room in the dryer for the pillows to be tossed around. Between each cycle shake the pillows out to loosen the feathers.

2. Synthetic-fiber pillows

Synthetic-fiber pillows are usually machine washable and dryer-friendly. However, check the care label to make sure you select the right temperature.

  • If there is no label, opt for a cold water wash and a delicate cycle.
  • Afterwards, set the dryer to “air dry”.
  • Ideally, these pillows should be cleaned every two months.

3. Latex and memory foam pillows

This type of pillow can’t be washed. Instead, use a washable pillow cover—which can be washed.

  • You could also use a pillow-slip between the pillow and the pillow cover as an additional barrier against germs. It can be machine washed, too.

4. Wool pillows

Wool pillows are typically not washable, by hand or machine.

  • Simply air them out regularly and expose them to the sun to keep them clean and dust-free.

5. Buckwheat husk pillows

Only the pillow cover is washable, although you can remove the husks and spread them out in the sun to disinfect them.

Sleep deeply on your clean pillows

Now that you know how to wash pillows, you can sleep with complete peace of mind knowing dirt, dust and dust mites are being kept at bay. But for other questions regarding the care of your pillows, don’t hesitate to speak with a professional dry cleaner for advice. After all, no one knows better what techniques to use to get your pillows clean.

Practical hints to keep your pillows clean and dust-free
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