Moving insurance: are you covered?

December 22, 2014

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, so you don’t need the additional worry of wondering whether your precious goods will arrive broken, damaged or not at all. Understanding insurance coverage for moving will help you know the questions to ask before deciding on a mover.

Moving insurance: are you covered?

Hire reputable movers

It may go without saying these days, but finding a reputable mover should begin with asking friends and co-workers for recommendations. Reading reviews online can also give you a sense of what your prospective movers are capable of. While insurance coverage is great and necessary, your real insurance begins with choosing a mover who will respect your household goods and furniture and treat you professionally and courteously.

Basic moving insurance facts

All movers in Canada are mandated to have a basic level of insurance for customers offered for free. This is usually an estimate of a set reimbursement per 20 pound box, should the box be damaged. Most offer upgraded levels of coverage that generally translate to reimbursing the customer a higher dollar amount per box. Your mover should be able to provide you with the following:

  • A leaflet or flyer that details their insurance coverage
  • The name and policy number of their insurance company
  • Details on whether they execute the move themselves or subcontract it
  • Information about storage facilities they use (if necessary)
  • Details of their Workers’ Compensation Board certification, to ensure any injury is not your responsibility

Special items coverage

Some things are pretty much impossible to insure, and you should therefore make special arrangements for them, or simply deal with them yourself. These include items like your house deeds and ownership documents, or special items of extraordinary value. So if you’ve got priceless artwork you need to move across town, you probably don’t want to rely on a typical moving company to do the work, as your insurance coverage will not extend to those items.

Basic Canadian insurance

Fortunately, most movers are professional outfits that realize their reputation is built on a job well done. As well, a basic level of insurance is extended to all Canadians, to protect against common issues that arise during moves. Extended insurance coverage allows you more peace of mind, and covers a few items that basic coverage does not. But ask around, and see who your friends and colleagues suggest. Understanding insurance coverage for moving is necessary, but knowing which companies to choose and which to avoid protects you more than any insurance could.

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