Perk up the decor: 4 great additions to warm up your patio

November 3, 2015

All patios are unique, but some aren't as appealing; they might need extra decor. Don't despair if your patio falls flat. Check out the following four additions that can help warm up any patio.

Perk up the decor: 4 great additions to warm up your patio

1. Lighting

  • Proper lighting can turn your patio from a dark cave into an inviting enclave. If your patio isn't wired with electricity, use candles, lanterns and tiki torches.
  • If it is wired, consider installing sconces or standing lamps. If you want to use the patio when it's cold outside, you can even install heating lamps to make it comfortable.

2. Portable speaker system

  • Nothing helps make a space more welcoming than a little burst of music. You don't have to install a fancy stereo system on your patio.
  • Simply buy portable speakers that can plug into a phone or laptop. Many portable speakers have great sound quality.

3. Canopy swing

  • A two-person canopy swing makes a great addition to any patio.
  • It gives you somewhere to relax, reflect or chat with friends.
  • You can rock back and forth and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Comfortable seating is very important for an outdoor space.
  • In addition to cozy seats like this, make sure you have other places to sit.
  • All-weather cushions will make your chairs even more comfortable for you and your guests, and they can also add a splash of colour to your outdoor decor.

4. Barbecue

  • Why not give yourself a way to cook up a scrumptious meal on your patio?
  • Buy a charcoal barbecue if you like to fire it up yourself, or purchase a gas barbecue if you have the ability to connect to a gas line.
  • You can barbecue hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and chicken or get creative and make kebabs, grilled veggie plates, fish and more.
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