Protect your vehicle with portable car shelters

December 27, 2014

If you don't have a garage or carport, a car shelter can help keep your vehicle safe, rain or shine. Discover the best options for your ride.

Protect your vehicle with portable car shelters

Types of portable car shelters

Canopies: This basic car shelter provides shade for cars, boats and other outdoor equipment. Canopies have a covered top but no side walls. They can be used for shade during outdoor events. Canopies are quick to set up but offer less protection than other shelters, especially against wind.

Pop-up tents: This shelter is the easiest to set up and is intended for occasional rain and sun protection. Like the car canopy, this shelter typically lacks walls to protect against wind or rain. A pop-up tent is compact and easy to transport.

Sheds: Smaller than other portable shelters, a storage shed is ideal for sport vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles or even your riding lawnmower. These semi-permanent structures provide extra protection from wind, rain and sun.

Portable garages: A portable garage is the most structured shelter available and offers more protection from weather conditions like heavy rain and snowfall. It is usually large enough for a single, larger vehicle, like a truck or boat.

Storage shelters: If you need to protect multiple vehicles, agricultural equipment or other large items in one place, a storage shelter is often the largest option for semi-permanent use.

Features and factors to consider when buying a portable car shelter

Cover: A shelter’s cover may be waterproof or sun-proof, but not necessarily both. Think about the climate where you’ll be using the shelter and pick a cover that can stand up to the elements.

Frame: Frames are generally made of plastic or metal and are foldable or fixed. A fixed metal frame with extra reinforcements is a better choice if you're in an area that often experiences inclement weather. Choose stainless steel frames that won't rust. Foldable plastic or fibreglass frames, like those found in traditional camping tents, are the most portable and lightweight, but also more fragile.

Anchor kits: Most shelters come with anchor kits to secure it to the ground. If your shelter is going to be a permanent or semi-permanent fixture, make sure the anchors are sturdy enough to keep your shelter in place.

Storage: Your vehicles need to fit in their car shelters, so take measurements of all the items you plan on storing in your shelter along with some extra room for manoeuvring.

Placement: Measure the area where you plan to place your shelter before settling on a purchase to make sure it fits.

Portable car shelters are an affordable alternative to building a garage or permanent shed. Whether you’re hosting a party or storing a tractor, there’s a portable shelter to fit your needs.

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