Reduce anxiety without resorting to medication

November 3, 2015

Top ways to reduce anxiety without resorting to medication

In Canada, 10.1 percent, or roughly 2.8 million people aged 15 years or older, have anxiety. Statistics related to anxiety only take into account those individuals who have actually received a diagnosis, though there are a number of people with undiagnosed anxiety.

Even though there are dozens of prescription remedies to treat anxiety symptoms, there are also ways to find relief without drugs. Before jumping right to medication, try these natural ways to reduce anxiety.

Reduce anxiety without resorting to medication

Examine your diet

Are you restricting your diet a little too much? What many people don't realize is that certain diet restrictions actually wind up causing anxiety symptoms.

For example, those who are on strict Paleo diets or other diets that restrict carbohydrates end up feeling terrible because they are not receiving enough of a certain type of food. Consider consuming a bit more carbohydrates without adding so much that you are derailing yourself from your progress. While you're eating healthy, also make sure you're exercising. Diet and exercise play a big part in anxiety symptoms.

Amp up your supplements

If you're already taking supplements, take a look at what kind you're using. Are you using generics and could benefit from a higher quality brand? Are you taking the wrong kind of supplements? Have you consulted with your doctor about what kind of supplements you should or should not be taking?

The act of taking supplements is a slippery slope. When you take too much or too little of something, you could be doing more harm than good, so closely examine your routine and see if this could be the root cause of your anxiety.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Who really wants to cut down on caffeine, right? Unfortunately, caffeine is the cause of moderate anxiety symptoms. However, the complete elimination of caffeine is also a problem because withdrawal is a legitimate issue. Try cutting down your consumption by at least half to see how you feel.

By following these simple tips, you may see a world of difference in your anxiety symptoms without having to resort to the use of prescription drugs. Because each of these tips involves diet and lifestyle changes, it's important to understand that it could take time to see a difference. Therefore, it might also be a good idea to seek help from a professional to talk about what you're going through and obtain some additional advice.

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