Running should be fun: here's how

January 29, 2015

Running is a great form of exercise that helps you build strength and keep your heart healthy. But sometimes people can get a little bored with their exercise routine and running can start to feel tedious instead of fun and challenging.

There are a few standard ways to make running more interesting, like making a new playlist or buying new workout clothes, but if these still aren't cutting it, here are a few more inventive ways to make it fun.

Running should be fun: here's how

Free running

Free running, or parkour, is the term for the most efficient way to get from one place to another no matter what obstacles get in your way. This means that your daily run gets transformed into action sequences as you jump over objects, roll on the ground to move underneath barriers and scale fire hydrants to get where you need to go. It not only challenges your standard routine but also makes your run more fun.

Run with friends

Running alone can make it tough to motivate yourself through a long run. Try asking some friends to join your running routine. It will help you stay accountable on your run since you'll have to show up at a specific time to start, and you'll be more likely to keep running when you have a buddy to encourage you — even when you get tired.

Chase something

Running can get a little monotonous sometimes, so when you start to feel bored, focus on something you can chase. It can be a car driving alongside you or a landmark in the distance. It's a great way to burn more calories and get the most out of your run. If you're running in a more rural setting, try timing yourself on your return trip. Run as fast as you can toward your halfway point and then turn around and try to run even more quickly on the way back.

Take breaks

If you're feeling really bored with your running routine, it might just mean that you need to give yourself a break. It's easy to burn out on one kind of exercise, and you don't want to make yourself hate running. So, take a day or two off and do other things to keep fit and happy. You can get exercise in other ways or just spend your time reading, playing with pets or with your family.

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