Shop for the right wine glasses

January 5, 2015

Wine lovers have many choices when it comes to buying wine glasses. From standard shapes to stylish wine goblets, find out what glasses will complement your wine drinking experience.

Types of wine glasses

Different types of wine glasses work best to enhance the flavour and aroma of different types of wine.

White wine glasses: Standard white wine glasses are the most commonly used, typically holding between 250 mL and 350 mL (approximately 8 to 12 oz). Smaller white wine glasses benefit drinkers because they focus the aroma of the wine towards your nose.

Red wine glasses: Red wine glasses also tend to follow the same standard shape as their white wine counterparts, but they are usually larger. Some red wine drinkers opt for cups that are almost bowl-like, carrying more than 400 mL (approximately 14 oz). Red wine is very aromatic, and the larger glass size allows the wine to breathe and releases aroma.

Champagne glasses: Sparkling wine is usually enjoyed from either a long, narrow flute or a flatter, vintage coupe. The flute is great because the shape helps to keep the wine bubbling for longer. Champagne glasses tend to hold less liquid than other glasses.

Dessert wine glasses: Dessert wine is very sweet and usually has a higher alcohol content than other wine, which is why dessert wine glasses tend to be smaller and narrower, directing the sweetness to the back of your mouth and limiting the portion of alcohol.

Multipurpose wine glasses: It’s easy to find multipurpose glasses that can be used for both red and white wine. They tend to be larger than white wine glasses and are often used at big events where guests are drinking different wines.

Factors to consider when buying wine glasses:

  • Material: Many wine glasses are made from glass, which is usually durable and dishwasher safe. Crystal wine glasses are sparkly and often afford more intricate designs. Plastic wine glasses are practical for outdoor events.
  • Stem: Long stems make sure you don’t warm your wine with your hands, but stemless wine glasses are a recent and popular trend.
  • Curve: Glasses that are tapered at the top help contain aromas and avoid spillage. Flared glasses direct the wine’s flavours towards the front of your mouth.
  • Wine accessories: There are many extras for glassware sets available. Useful items are wine charms (so guests know what glass is theirs), wine decanters, and a wine glass rack or wine glass holder to store stemware.

Sort through the many options with the help of this guide and buy the right wine glasses for your needs. All that’s left to do after that is to pour a glass of your favourite bubble and enjoy your brand-new stemware.

Shop for the right wine glasses


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