Should you buy new or used kitchen cabinets?

November 1, 2014

You’re ready to renovate your kitchen, but what’s right for you: buying new or used kitchen cabinets? Explore the pros and cons before you remodel your kitchen.

Should you buy new or used kitchen cabinets?

Consider the price

For many homeowners, buying new kitchen cabinets during a remodel is a no-brainer. But used kitchen cabinets offer a ton of benefits you might miss if you simply think about buying new. Maybe most important of all, used kitchen cabinets are usually much cheaper than new. Unless you’re in the market for antique cabinets, used kitchen cabinets will help homeowners save lots of money during their kitchen remodelling project.

Find the perfect fit

If luck is on your side, you may even come across used kitchen cabinets that perfectly fit your kitchen. Maybe you have a stubborn L-shaped kitchen and a neighbour who’s moving has the perfect fitting cabinet for your space. Finding cabinets that already match the existing layout of your kitchen can save you time and money.

Then again, finding used cabinets that match your style and your kitchen layout may be easier said than done. This is where new kitchen cabinets have the advantage: customized to your style, your budget and your floor plan, new kitchen cabinets might just be the easier choice for many homeowners.

Choose style and functionality

Looking for used kitchen cabinets may be the best choice if you’re in search of a particular style for your kitchen. Finding the perfect used kitchen cabinet can be just what you need to complete your mid-century modern design or antique decor. Antique kitchen cabinets are one of the rare used cabinetry items that will cost more, but the price increase could be worth the added character they’ll lend your home.

New kitchen cabinetry can also provide an array of functionality that used kitchen cabinets probably lack. Imagine cabinet doors that are designed to rise instead of open traditionally. New kitchen cabinets can also be the right choice if you’re designing a modern kitchen due to their modern styling and finishes. They can also introduce much more inventive storage space solutions for your kitchen.

Go green with new or used kitchen cabinets

New and used kitchen cabinets can have a positive impact on the environment. By choosing used kitchen cabinets, you’ll recycle, conserving resources and materials all at once. Save a tree and choose beautiful used hardwood cabinets!

That’s not the only way to protect the environment, though. New kitchen cabinets are usually manufactured to have the lowest environmental impact possible. In this area, you really can’t go wrong with new or used kitchen cabinets!

Take the time to carefully consider whether you should buy new or used kitchen cabinets. Finding the perfect cabinetry for your home can be affordable, convenient and on trend if you know what you’re looking for!

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