Simple half-marathon training tricks

A half-marathon is the first step to a full one. The info here could take you from a standing start to your first half-marathon in no time.

Simple half-marathon training tricks

The starting blocks

  • The key to success is to run regularly.
  • Train with friends or a running club makes running more enjoyable and gives you commitments to stick to.
  • Build your stamina with one long run a week, and shorter or less strenuous sessions in between. Add in some gym-based strength and conditioning sessions.
  • Be sure to give yourself a rest day to recover.

The first important steps

  • After your first marathon, allow a few weeks to recover. But don't stop running or you'll lose your hard-won fitness.
  • Go out three or four times a week and run for at least an hour, increasing your distance week by week.
  • Use a cross-trainer or go swimming once a week to minimize wear on your joints.
  • It's important to build in "fartlek" ("speed play" in Swedish) sessions, where you run hard for short bursts as part of a longer run.
  • Your local running club will offer advice and support if you want to work towards the full marathon.

Running comes down to a few simple considerations: your body, your goals and your enthusiasm. Get control of all three and you can run as far as you want.

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