Effective ski exercise tips for beginners

How do you prep for your first time skiing? Get in shape with these ski exercises for beginners.

Effective ski exercise tips for beginners

For first-timers, skiing can be daunting experience. To minimize risk and prepare for the exhilarating ride, here are a few ski exercise tips that will empower any beginner skier.

Watch ski exercise videos

The web is a great resource to find workouts for ski conditioning and core strengthening before you hit the slopes. It’s full of great videos by experts and enthusiasts alike with a multitude of examples to reference to get fit in the comfort of your own home. Some quick and easy videos range from 10-30 minutes where you can specifically focus on strength training and flexibility. Completing a regimented daily workout routine will help ski beginners with balance and overall leg strength.

Stamina workouts

Combining your strength and cardio days can also help you tone up and boost your endurance. Getting your heart rate up by challenging your cardiovascular system, then switching it up to a push up or a bench press can help warm up your muscles and lessen the amount of stress of the impact to your knees and joints. Try heightening your stamina with one-minute intervals of jump rope and walking squats. Another stamina exercise to quickly prep you for your big day is swimming. If you have access to a community swimming pool, this is a great way to pick up the pace and increase your stamina.

Exercise your ankles and knees

It’s no surprise that skiing can be hard on your ankles and knees. A great way to train your beginner muscles is to start working out your ankles and knees for at least one to two months prior to hitting the slopes. Try doing side jumps and speed skater exercises to strengthen your core, ankles and knees.

Both exercises start in a standing position with both feet at shoulder width apart, and in a squat position. For side jumps, you want to pretend you are jumping over an imaginary line by leading with your right leg and tapping the left foot close to your right foot and then performing the opposite leg. You want to do this for about a minute straight before you move on to the next move.

For speed skaters, bend your knees and stay low on your heels. Extend your right leg straight to the side at about two feet with your toes pointed out and touching the floor. Quickly switch to your left leg and perform the same action, alternating legs for a full minute.

Skiing is a fun activity, so follow these tips to condition your body and exercise regularly in preparation for your first ski ride. Staying on track with a regular exercise routine and getting in shape will help your body avoid injuries when cutting through the slopes this holiday season. If you want to take this to the next level, consult your trainer or professional to get more information on how to tweak your exercise routine and stay motivated.

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