3 tips for creating a backyard oasis

January 21, 2015

Here are a few small changes you can make to turn plain patio furniture into your backyard paradise.

3 tips for creating a backyard oasis

Backyard seating options are important for entertaining or relaxing, but the furniture isn't necessarily the detail that makes or breaks a patio's potential. The atmosphere is the most important detail, and it involves more than some chairs and a table. Patio furniture doesn't have to be fancy to be part of a backyard oasis. Here are a few small changes you can make to turn plain patio furniture into your backyard paradise.

1. Test the patio furniture

Sit down on the patio furniture and wiggle around a bit to feel if the furniture is comfortable and sturdy. If it's a little too firm for relaxing, some simple cushions may be enough to make it more comfortable. Cushions also add a cozy touch of flair to the patio and save you the cost of replacing furniture you already own. If the seating is a bit wobbly, try adding some new screws or replacing worn-out nuts and bolts. Even damaged boards can be replaced or repainted to look like new.

2. Hide the unsightly

While sitting on the furniture, take a look around the backyard. If the view from the patio isn't ideal, place some large plants around the area to obscure it. For the most natural effect, combine different-sized plants. Also use a mix of trees, vines, flowering plants and vegetables. If you choose potted plants, make sure the pots rest flat on the ground and have wide bases so that they don't easily tip over. Plants are naturally soothing, and the distraction they provide from an ugly view is an added bonus.

3. Add some embellishments

Sit down on the patio furniture again, and take another look around the garden. This time, look for any sparsely decorated areas. Think about ways you can make the space more appealing. Picture a small, tinkling wind chime hanging from the limbs of the trees or a pink flamingo eating from the flower bed. Maybe the sound of flowing water inspires you, and a fountain with a koi pond at its base would be a source of joy for your household. Do you love birds? Maybe you would enjoy a small bird feeder to attract songbirds to your backyard oasis.

Your personal taste is the most important factor to consider as you create your backyard oasis. Even the simplest style of furniture is perfect for your paradise if it's comfortable and charming.

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