Tips on fixing a smelly dog

October 15, 2014

Has your dog run afoul of something foul-smelling? Here are some tips for restoring your stinky pooch to a pleasant scent.
There’s nothing better than coming home, opening the door, and being greeted by the unconditional love of your dog. There’s nothing worse than coming home, opening the door, and being greeted by the unbelievable stench of your dog.

If your dog has a noticeable odour, smell, reek, or pungent funk, it’s probably an indicator that something is wrong with pooch.

Here are some tips on how you can determine and hopefully fix your pup’s aroma. Be sure to also consult your veterinarian in case the unpleasant fragrance is a serious health issue.
Food for thought
What your dog eats for supper can be a big factor in his scent.Consider switching to a higher-grade kibble or wet dog food. Brands that have natural ingredients with no filler (like corn or soy) are not only healthier for your pup, but can affect their overall odour. This can improve your dog's breath and general doggie smell.

Even better, consider switching from kibble and canned food to a raw food diet. One of the benefits of the raw food diet is a lack of odour and smaller poops. Talk to your vet about where to find a good raw food option and how much to give your dog each day.

Whenever you change your dog’s diet, be sure to do it gradually as to not upset his or her tummy.
Roll with it
Keep track over the course of a week of what your dog gets into on your walks. Did your dog start stinking after taking daily swims in the local lake? Giving her a quick hose down in the backyard will radically improve her smell.

Most dogs enjoy rolling around in grass. Why? They are either leaving their scent, or they smell something delicious and want a piece of it. But that deliciousness may be anything from residue skunk spray to another dog’s poo.
“Ears” to the vet
Lift up you dog's ears and take a look. If there is a lot of brown wax build-up, there could be an infection that’s causing the pungent smell. Dogs’ ears should be cleaned out regularly with a cotton ball, but if you take a sniff and the odour is coming directly from the ear, it may be time to take your pet to the vet.

If changing the diet and bathing regularly (no more than once a week to avoid drying out the skin) doesn’t make your dog smell better, there may be a more serious issue going on and it may be time to consult your vet.

Tips on fixing a smelly dog
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