Tips on the uses of topical Botox

October 13, 2015

Tips on the uses of topical Botox

For people who want to reduce wrinkles but can't bear the thought of needles, topical Botox might be the solution. Here are some things you need to know about this new kind of Botox.

Tips on the uses of topical Botox

How does topical Botox work?

Injectable Botox works by injecting a bacteria-produced toxin called botulinum toxin into the muscles. This toxin blocks neurotransmitters to the muscles, which in turn inhibits contraction and thus reduces wrinkles. This procedure is mostly done in the forehead area and around the eyes, where crow's feet and wrinkles become more noticeable as the person ages. Topical Botox works exactly the same way, but without the injection. This time, a doctor applies the Botox cream directly to the skin and wipes it off after several minutes.

Advantages of topical Botox

Aside from being needle-phobe friendly, topical Botox requires just a single application. Unlike injectable Botox, where several punctures are needed to get through different areas of the skin, the Botox gel only has to be applied over the surface area of the skin. Moreover, topical Botox does not cause "frozen facial muscles," which is a typical negative effect of injectable Botox.

Other uses of topical Botox

In addition to reducing wrinkles, topical Botox is being examined further as a treatment for excessive sweating. Various studies are also in the works to look at its effects on rhinitis and acne. Although applied topically, Botox gel is still considered a drug. It is not available in stores or even with a prescription. The gel, much like Botox, must be administered by a dermatologist.

Alternatives to Botox

Aside from topical Botox, there are various alternatives to Botox for people who are wary of invasive procedures. Here are a few to mention:

  • GABA products: Many anti-wrinkle creams that are marketed as an alternative to Botox contains gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), an ingredient that promotes facial muscle relaxation.
  • Argireline products: Many anti-aging creams contain argireline, a compound made up of peptides. These products reduce wrinkles by inhibiting facial muscle contraction.

Whether you are planning to use injection or the less invasive topical Botox, or are entertaining other options to achieve youthful looking skin, it is imperative that you set an appointment with your dermatologist so you can discuss your expectations. Your local medical professional will be able to help you choose an option that helps you achieve your goal.

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