Top activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

June 13, 2017

by Maria Barillaro

Running low on ways to impress Dad every year? This year, the city is booming with loads of unique activities to please – and surprise! – your dad. Put a twist on your traditional Father’s Day BBQ plans and try incorporating one of these fun and unique activities into your family’s day. One thing is for sure – there’s no shortage of options to make this Father’s Day an unforgettable one. [image credit: iStockphoto]

Top activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

CSI: The Experience at Montreal’s Science Centre

If your father is a fan of the hit CSI series, he will absolutely love this crime scene investigation experience. This is actually fun for the whole family. Suitable for all ages, available in both English and French, and affordable, this experience will allow fans of the crime show to get a sense of what the job of a crime scene investigator is really like. Dad can collect a series of clues, compare them with real crime scene investigative reports, and send in evidence for analysis. He can even learn about conducting proper DNA analysis and forensics. This fully immersive experience goes above and beyond anything you can imagine, giving Dad the unique opportunity to live out his dream of being a real life detective in his favourite TV show.

Climbing a Pirate Ship in the Old Port

Voiles en Voiles offers a series of boat climbing challenges in the Old Port that will make the whole family feel like they’re aboard a real pirate ship. With different boat options for children of all ages, the entire family can go through the obstacle course of a very realistic pirate ship. Shiver me timbers! Dad will be totally impressed with this amazingly energizing and unique activity that too many Montrealers don’t even know about. The courses available range from two to 35 feet high, so dad can choose just how far he wants to go in challenging himself and living the pirate life. Hopefully he’ll make it through without having to walk the plank!

Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA

The Big Top is up again in the city’s Old Port, featuring Cirque du Soleil’s newest creation: VOLTA. As with any show by this world-renowned entertainment company, you can expect an amazing display of human abilities. Dad will be absolutely blown away these incredible performers seemingly defying the laws of both gravity and physics! This year’s Big Top show offers two performances on Father’s Day and tickets are still available for purchase. You can bring Dad to the show or gift him a set of tickets, as VOLTA will be in the city for several more weeks.




Insect Tastings at the Insectarium

Does Dad have a taste for survivalist reality shows? If so, then he just might be interested in tempting his taste buds with some bugs. That’s right – bugs! At the Insectarium, the whole family can actually sample real insects, considered delicacies in other parts of the world. This educational experience will give Dad a sense of what it might be like to survive in remote areas of the world and even expand his knowledge of cultures in Africa, Asia, and Mexico. The really unexpected part? He might actually be pleasantly surprised by the taste of some of the insects served.

Cruisin’ At the Boardwalk

Is your Dad a car fanatic? Then he will absolutely love the St-Anne-de-Bellevue classic car display this Father’s Day weekend. Muscle cars, hot rods – you name it – will be lining the main street of the village just outside Montreal. With over 400 classic vehicles to admire, your car-loving Dad will definitely prefer this to the annual BBQ lunch. From the motors to the unique bodywork, these cars are definitely impressive – even to someone who has seen loads of vintage cars in his day. Plus, there are tons of shops and restaurants to visit so the whole family can make an day of it.

Dad might not want a high-profile day but this city offers lots of truly unique and really fun activities that can make his day absolutely unforgettable.

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