4 fun winter sports that'll keep you warm this season

November 3, 2015

Although winter means colder temperatures and fewer hours of daylight, they're no reason to stay indoors. Instead of reaching for the thermostat and resigning yourself to the couch until spring, here are four fun winter sports that'll keep you warm.

4 fun winter sports that'll keep you warm this season

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1. Strap on some snowshoes

Snowshoeing is a great way to break a sweat, spend time outdoors and even see something new. All you need is a pair of snowshoes, which you can easily rent or buy fairly inexpensively from most sporting equipment stores.

  • Snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact cardio exercise perfect for practically anyone.
  • If you enjoy hiking, snow-covered trails needn't deter you from winter activity. In fact, snowshoeing is great for the intrepid backpacker or runner who finds it difficult to keep up pace and performance during the winter.
  • Snowshoeing isn't strictly for high-intensity athletes. It's also a way to get outside and off the couch. Basically, if you can walk, then you can snowshoe.

2. Dive into an indoor pool

Okay, so swimming may not sound like a winter sport, but it is: swimming indoors is an effective way to stay in shape during the winter months. Plus, it's an opportunity to escape the cold if only for a few hours each week.

  • Anywhere that has a true winter season (basically, all of Canada) also has indoor pool facilities – so access isn't usually an issue.
  • Swimming a few laps in a heated pool is good for the body and the mind. Those stagnant bones and muscles operate much differently in water than they do on land.
  • Swimming will also increase your heart rate and warm your core, arms and legs.
  • Swimming laps for 45 minutes is an excellent workout. You'll feel invigorated when you step into the cold air after a warm swim.

The right gear can make swimming more accessible for everyone: a kickboard can be useful for older folks and, if you're bringing along the kids, then inner tubes, noodles and fun pool gear are always a great addition.

  • You'll have to check with the pool to see what's permitted in the water.
  • Some indoor pools even provide these items, so you won't have to lug them along.

3. Lace up your skates

Ice skating offers a great cardio workout for the whole family. Kids, parents, grandparents and young couples can join in on a fun afternoon spent skating.

  • If there's a popular frozen pond or outdoor rink in the neighbourhood, seek it out. Many municipalities set up family-only rinks in winter and open up the park chalet so you can go and warm cold toes or lace up your skates.
  • If skating on a pond always ensure that it's suitable, safe for skating and completely frozen through.
  • If you don't live near a pond or rink, many local recreation facilities offer indoor skating and have designated times only for families.
  • If you're skating alone bring some tunes and earbuds to liven up the activity.

4. Hit the slopes

Skiing and snowboarding are very popular winter sports and for good reason. These activities offer a huge workout for your legs and require mental concentration to descend the steep hills.

  • Choose slopes that are appropriate for your skill level and challenge yourself to work on good form when making turns and stopping. Consider taking a few lessons, if necessary.
  • At the end of a long day on the slopes, you'll feel pretty tired. Treat yourself to some hot chocolate or hot apple cider after your last run.

If you've never gone downhill skiing or snowboarding, you can rent the equipment from most ski hills.

The winter season actually offers a variety of activities to help you get moving and stay warm, so get outside and enjoy!

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