Questions to ask while pre-planning your funeral

It isn’t easy to plan your own funeral service. What to consider? What to include? There are several things you’ll want to make sure you cover in your plan to help alleviate any difficult decisions for your family. Here are a few to think about.

Questions to ask while pre-planning your funeral

The service and events

What service would you like to have? Would you like to have a funeral service followed by a cremation or graveside service? Or would you like to have a service in your own home? There are different options for both of these so you’ll want to do your research and see which one you prefer and might be best for your relatives.

What sort of events should your funeral include?

Most funerals include a few events around the actual funeral service. These include a viewing, visitation or wake before the funeral. Would you like a reception or gathering after the funeral? If so, would you like it at your home or the funeral home?

Personalize your service

It is very helpful to family and the funeral home if you identify any personal preferences in your plan. These may include:

  • Where to have a memorial service.
  • Who you would like to officiate your funeral service.
  • Who you would designate as pallbearers.
  • Who should deliver eulogies.
  • Who you would like to deliver prayers or other readings.
  • The readings you want delivered during the service.
  • Organizations or charities you would like people to make a donation to.
  • Who should be notified of your funeral service (include friends and colleagues your family may not be aware of or think to invite).

Pre-planning your funeral can help prevent your family from having to make decisions on your behalf. Your choice will have your personal touches on it, which can provide additional comfort and peace of mind.

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