How to choose bathroom flooring

December 23, 2014

For bathroom flooring, some options are better than others. Here’s a look at some of the choices along with their pros and cons.

How to choose bathroom flooring

Ceramic tile flooring

This is probably the most conventional option for bathroom flooring.

  • It’s durable, long lasting and can be versatile in terms of style and pattern.
  • You can get the tiles in almost any colour, shape or form to suit your unique personal style.
  • You don’t have to be conservative about the styling and design of the flooring. Whether you’re modern, minimal, ornate or classic, the arrangements are endless and you’re sure to find a pattern that best suits your decor style.


  • Ceramic is easy to clean with typical home cleaning products and is a popular choice amongst home owners everywhere.


  • If any movement of the subfloor occurs, it can cause the tiles to crack and you’ll have to get them replaced.
  • Ceramic tiles can also be cold to the touch and slippery when you’re getting out of the shower. You can find solutions around this by utilizing a floor mat.
  • And if you have an even bigger budget, consider installing a radiant floor heating system before installing the tiles to keep your feet warm.

Solid wood or laminate flooring

Another popular option for home owners is solid wood or laminate flooring.

  • The difference between solid wood and laminate flooring is that laminate flooring is a thin layer of wood (veneer that is glued on top of an engineered material).
  • It gives a similar look to solid wood and is usually more affordable.
  • For solid wood, there are many different types of wood with various densities and patina. It can have intricate grains that are both beautiful and natural to bring warmth into the bathroom environment.


  • Solid wood or laminate flooring can be stained various colours, giving you more options to suit your personal decor style.
  • In both cases, as long as the material is sealed with the right finishing, it is easy to maintain and clean up.


  • You’ll want to be mindful of water damage if the seal or wood finish is not sufficient.
  • Solid wood can always be re-sanded and re-finished but laminates will need to be replaced completely.

Sustainable or renewable flooring

Both cork and bamboo have been emerging trends in the flooring world.


  • Cork is water resistant and known to fight off mould and mildew.
  • It is highly renewable, hypoallergenic and maintains a neutral temperature so your feet don’t get cold.
  • Bamboo is also a sustainable resource and a great, cost-effective option for flooring.


  • Cork takes a little bit more upkeep so it stays sealed and can be difficult to repair if the surface of the floor becomes damaged from heavy objects.
  • In very humid climates, bamboo flooring can be susceptible to warping. However, it is very strong, dense and easily replaceable.

What you'll need to consider

Make sure to do your research and consult with experts before making the final decision for your bathroom flooring.

  • You’ll want to consider everything from the climate, environment, the size of the room, allergies and overall decor to make sure you have chosen the type of flooring material best suited to your needs.
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