Why getting a well fitting bra is important

November 3, 2015

Wearing the wrong bra can lead to clothes not fitting well, and even has some alarming health effects, too. Here's why getting a bra to fit correctly is an important thing for a woman to do.

Why getting a well fitting bra is important

1. Identifying a poorly fitting bra

A correctly fitted bra enhances the figure and provides support for the entire body. Your clothes will look great and your posture will be improved. So, what are the signs that a bra might not be the fit you thought it was? If the straps ride up at the back or the band digs in, it could be time for a change.

Likewise, dimpling of the cups is a sure sign the wrong size is causing problems. Wires poking the tissue are another sign that all is not right.

2. Effects of poorly fitting bras

An incorrectly fitting bra can lead to back as well as posture related problems. Breasts are best supported from the lumbar spine, but because women do not get the right fit, the thoracic section takes the strain. This can lead the trapezius muscle to stretch and result in headaches. Loose fitting bras can lead to sagging and misshaping of the breast. This subsequently makes you look heavier than you really are, and, if left uncorrected, the damage to breast tissue can be irreversible.

Pain from a lack of support around the breast area can affect many women who do not wear the correct size bra. Bras start to lose support after several uses, so if you have a bra that feels like this, it is probably time for a recheck.

3. How to get a good fit

It is very easy to get a professional bra fitting and to wear supportive clothing that prevents health problems. It takes minutes to do in a lingerie store and will make a large difference to your well being. Fittings should be repeated if there is a lot of weight loss or gain and ideally every six months.

Once you find the right size bra from a professional fitting, you won't look back, and you'll look fabulous as well. Why not make that change today and look after yourself with a correctly fitting bra?

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