3 options for your sandwich bread

November 27, 2014

These tips can help you pick the perfect bread for your sandwich based on which fillings you plan to use.

3 options for your sandwich bread

How to choose the perfect sandwich bread

It’s amazing to think about how many types of bread can be made from just a few basic ingredients.

  • All around the world, you’ll find some type of bread as the main part of almost any diet.

From rolls, loaves, buns to slices, bread has a place at any meal.


Breakfast is the perfect time to enjoy bagels, biscuits, English muffins, croissants and more.


At lunchtime, bread makes a filling and satisfying appearance.


Even at dinner, baskets full of rolls, naan and breadsticks are a common sight.


And when you’re ready for a snack, grab a few pretzels and crackers to nibble on.

A brief history of the sandwich

It all began in the 1700s when the Earl of Sandwich asked for some meat to be placed between two pieces of bread. And so, the traditional sandwich was born.

  • While we now fill them with more than a few slices of meat, this versatile food needs bread to be a true sandwich.
  • No matter how you slice it, bread is the main ingredient, so it’s wise to take the time to consider your options.

1. Hearty breads

When you’re in the mood for a hearty sandwich, with slices of roast beef or pulled pork, the type of bread that can support your fillings would be a denser bun or roll.

  • Especially if fillings are saucy or will make the bread soggy, you’ll need something like ciabatta, baguette, focaccia, thick-sliced bread or a country-style roll to keep everything from falling apart.

2. Soft breads

Making a sandwich can be a delicate process, especially when you’re using fillings like lobster salad, chicken salad and chocolate spread.

  • These kinds of fillings are perfectly paired with types of bread that are just as soft and a bit sweet.
  • Some great picks for your sandwich are challah, brioche, soft Italian roll or submarine roll to smother with your fluffy fillings.

3. Wraps

Some might argue that a wrap isn’t a sandwich, but it still relies on a type of bread that is filled with delicious ingredients before being wrapped up.

  • So if you’re having a lighter sandwich craving, make sure the bread you select is flexible enough to be rolled up.
  • Some great types of bread for a wrap are tortilla, pita bread, roti and even lavash.

The balance of texture and flavour

When it comes to making a sandwich, it’s really a matter of personal preference. So when in doubt, pick your favourite type of bread, but keep in mind some of the above tips if you want your sandwich to have a perfect balance of texture and flavour.


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