4 DIY projects that boost your home's value

Whether or not you are looking to sell your home soon, there are a number of D.I.Y. projects that just about any homeowner can take on to increase their home's value and curb appeal.

4 DIY projects that boost your home's value

1. Landscaping and yard maintenance

Basic landscaping can go a long way in boosting your home's asking price and overall aesthetic value. Keeping your lawn mowed, trimmed and edged can add thousands to your home's perceived value. Be sure and keep trees, bushes and other foliage neatly trimmed as well. Consider adding artful landscaping effects such as retaining walls and updated patio spaces for added value.

2. Front door makeover

Buyers make snap judgements about the homes they visit based on the front door and porch areas. Fortunately, this is another easy D.I.Y. project. Repainting or refinishing the front door and updating your railing, address numbers and mailbox can all go a long way in giving your front entrance a makeover. Invest in a new welcome mat and lighting sconces to complete the look.

3. Add accessories for the birds

Attracting more of your feathered friends is easier than you might think and can contribute substantially to your home's perceived value. Plant neatly-edged flower beds or add pots filled with brightly-coloured blooms to attract more birds. Next, add a decorative bird bath, hummingbird feeder and one or two seed feeders filled with feed appropriate for your geographic area. You'll likely start seeing more delightful birds on your property in no time.

4. Facade finishes

This is another D.I.Y. project that can be completed over a weekend and can do wonders for your home's long-term curb appeal. Pull out your extra house and trim paint or, have some mixed up based on samples you take to the local paint store. Next spend a few hours patching any holes or cracks on the exterior. Once your patches have dried, paint these exterior flaws to give your home's facade a like-new appearance. With careful attention to detail, not only will it mask wear and tear, it will make your house look like new again.

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