4 sure-fire tips to help you and your family save big bucks

January 29, 2015

While having a family is a huge commitment, it needn't strain your wallet. Here are four sure-fire tips to help you and your family save money and still live well.
According to a recent publication, the average cost of raising a child is about $244,000, or $1,000 per month. Given you could buy a home with that cash, it is a humongous figure! Raising a child requires a large sum of money because you are responsible for clothing, food, education, shelter and more. Having a family is a huge commitment of time and money, but these four sure-fire tips can help keep some of your hard-earned cash in your wallet.

4 sure-fire tips to help you and your family save big bucks

1. Plan daily meals

Because having a family means you are constantly with the kids, it can be a challenge to plan dinner every night of the week. As a result, going to a drive-thru fast food restaurant or ordering a pizza for delivery becomes a routine task. Eating out on a daily basis, even just a basic meal, is likely to cost a family of four at least $25. Instead, save money by planning out entrees in advance. Line up days of the week with a specific meal like chicken on Mondays and fish on Fridays. Always make extra, and freeze it for emergencies.

2. Be frugal when you shop

While preparing for a trip to the grocery store, always write down everything you plan to purchase. This way, you won't be tempted by items that you don't need. Browse through the Sunday papers for manufacturer's coupons and the local grocery store flyers in order to find deals and sales. If items you use frequently are on sale and you have the extra money in hand, stock up.

3. Buy used

Buying used clothing may take some getting used to; however, lots of items can be bought for significantly reduced prices and have barely been touched. If buying second-hand clothes is too much too soon, consider starting small by only purchasing used school books. The book will still contain all the pages and information that your son or daughter needs to be successful in the class. In addition, check out garage sales to purchase a used bike or scooter that may be too small for the existing family, but perfect for your child.

4. Negotiate and shop competitors

Big-ticket monthly bills like cell phones, cable television and even utilities can add up to a pretty penny. What most consumers don't realize is that the price you're currently paying isn't likely to be the cheapest cost. For example, compare cable television deals by pricing out your services online to various companies. Chances are good that at least one of these companies may be offering a new customer special. Call your service providers and ask if they would be willing to honour the competitor's price. Chances are good that they'll honour the new price to avoid losing you as a customer. What's the worst case for the consumer? Well, you cancel your service and switch to the cheaper service provider.

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