4 provinces to go snowmobiling this winter

December 12, 2014

Wondering where to go snowmobiling this year? There are many places across the country to enjoy this exciting wintertime activity. Here are four Canadian provinces that offer scenic landscapes to enjoy.

4 provinces to go snowmobiling this winter

Who can snowmobile?

A snowmobile is a powerful vehicle so not just anyone can hop on one and drive off into the sunset. There are a few requirements:

  • In most provinces to qualify for snowmobiling, you need a valid driver’s licence or some type of snowmobile operator’s permit.
  • Many provinces also require you to carry proof of insurance, registration and ownership.
  • Make sure to operate your snowmobile safely. This means refraining from drinking alcohol when you’re going to ride and wearing proper reflective and protective clothing.
  • Check your province’s regulations to make sure you are complying.

1. British Columbia

Home to some of the largest mountain ranges, British Columbia is one of the top destinations to visit when deciding where to go snowmobiling.

  • You can head over to the Coast Mountains, where you'll discover some really big mountain snowmobiling.
  • From beginners to extreme enjoy little jumps, tree riding, carving and easy powder, there is a terrain to suit you.
  • Don’t worry; there are sub-alpine terrains to challenge experienced riders.
  • The landscape is scenic and exciting, challenging you with experiences you will never forget.
  • So ride over to your next snowmobiling adventure in Golden, Valemount, Whistler, Kamloops and more!

2. Alberta

While Alberta is another top destination for skiing, there are many trails for you to explore on your snowmobile.

  • The terrain in Banff will push your comfort level and get your adrenaline pumping.
  • Some of the best spots to cruise around and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • The snowmobile capital of Alberta is Whitecourt, where you’ll find excellent jumps and breathtaking views.
  • For longer rides with smooth trails, take that special someone or your family along the Iron Horse Trail.

3. Ontario

Ontario is one of the most popular tourism destinations, most known for it’s city life, but did you know there are beautiful places that offer over 30,000 kilometres of trails?

  • You’ll find these connected trails are just the thing if you want long, peaceful trails.
  • Ontario is considered to be home to one of the longest network of recreational trails in the world.
  • In Muskoka, you can ride down some smooth hills and even along lakeside trails.

4. Quebec

Quebec is known for historical sites and amazing cuisine, but you’ll also find great places for snowmobiling.

  • The Chaudiere-Appalaches is 2,800 kilometres of neatly marked trails with remarkable amounts of snow.
  • It’s a safe place snowmobiling with family in the winter.
  • There’s another 1,100 kilometres of trails in Centre-du Quebec, for more snowmobiling fun.

In a place where we get to experience snowy winters, Canada has plenty of locations for you to go snowmobiling. Whether you’re interested in breathtaking scenery, or a challenging mountainous terrain ride, you’ll find the right trail for your snowmobiling adventure. You can start riding some trails between the months of November and May; you just have to know where to look.

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