4 quick fixes for sunless tanning gone wrong

January 29, 2015

Sunless tanning is an amazing alternative to harmful tanning beds or excessive sun exposure, but when sunless tanning takes a turn for the worst, it can be disastrous. Here are a few quick fixes you can turn to in the event that your spray tan has gone completely wrong.

1. Turn up the heat

Whether you soak in a hot bath, lounge in a hot shower or sit in the steam room for a while, heat is a faux tan’s worst enemy. Steam and hot water will help remove the tan slowly by deactivating its key ingredients. Remember that a sunless tan usually gets darker within the first eight hours. If you notice it turning far too dark for your taste before then, hop in the shower, bath or sauna to prevent it from setting.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

If your tan is uneven in certain places (or everywhere!), hop into a hot bath and arm yourself with a powerful loofah. Be ready to repeatedly scrub the areas where the tan is too dark, streaked or orange in order to remove it layer by layer. This can be time consuming, so be prepared to hang around in that bath for an hour or so. Be sure to use a creamy, mild soap or bath oil to make the exfoliation less irritating to the skin.

3. Apply baking soda and lemon juice

A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice will act not only as an exfoliant but as a deactivating substance. The citrus fruit will counteract the components of the fake tan and make it much easier to remove, while the baking soda will work to gently erode the tan one layer at a time.

4. Nip a bad tan in the bud

The best way to fix a sunless tan gone wrong is to make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. If you’re opting for a DIY method, first test the product on a small patch of skin to see how it works before you go all out. You should also exfoliate evenly before applying spray tan products because this will yield a more even result. Finally, if you’re not quite sure how to get it done yourself, turn to a professional and visit a reputable spray tan salon. Of course, even at a salon, you should always be careful to avoid fake tan horror stories. Don’t experiment for the first time a day before an important event and don’t go too dark. Start with a light shade and upgrade the next time if you feel you can go darker after seeing the end result.

4 quick fixes for sunless tanning gone wrong
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