4 simple tips to care for your eyeglasses

June 30, 2015

Are you bespectacled and always running into trouble with your eyewear? Whether there is trouble or not, glasses need protecting. Read on for these simple tips on how to care for your eyeglasses.

4 simple tips to care for your eyeglasses

Protect eyeglasses from hair dye

Whether you're highlighting your hair at home or having it coloured at a beauty parlour, it's possible that a little dye can drip onto the arms of your glasses. To protect them, wrap the arms of your glasses with plastic wrap until your new dye job is done.

Got a loose screw?

The tiny screws holding your eyeglass frames together don't ever seem to stay tight for long — this is especially true of reading glasses. One way to keep things tight is to dab the threads with a little clear nail polish when replacing a screw, then coat the screw heads once they're in place.

Tip: Don't spend money buying one of those extra-tiny eyeglass screwdrivers. A toothpick or the eraser end of a pencil will work just as well. To use the eraser, turn the pencil upside down, press the eraser against the screw and turn.

Cleaning potion

You may not have the time to run out to buy eyeglass cleaner; these two common household products will clean and polish lenses just as well. Try club soda or rubbing alcohol, the latter used either full strength or diluted with equal parts water. Keep your cleanser, whatever it is, in a handy spray bottle and use a soft lint-free cloth to dry the lenses.

Clear up foggy lenses

Having your glasses fog up is no fun. It happens in cold weather when you go from outside to inside, when steam billows up from a pot of boiling water or even when you're eating very spicy food. As a preventive measure, clean your specs with white foamy shaving cream, which will leave an invisible coating on the lenses that keeps water drops from sticking.

Eyeglasses can be an expensive but necessary purchase. These easy tips will help you keep your investment in tip-top shape for years of perfect vision.

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