4 tips for making solid contact with the golf ball

November 3, 2015

Golf can be a rewarding but challenging sport. Beginners often find it a difficult to hit the ball solidly with the club. If you’re an amateur, these tips will help you start nailing the ball on every swing.

4 tips for making solid contact with the golf ball

1. Watch the club face and ball

One of the most important things beginners can do is learn to watch the face of the club as it strikes the ball.

Missed or flubbed shots often happen when people lift their head and eyes too soon and don't actually look at what they're hitting. Be sure to keep your head down as you swing through your shot and focus on watching the club face hit the ball.

2. Transfer your weight properly

When people shift their weight forward instead of backward as they bring back the club, they often hit it straight up into the air instead of driving it.

Focus on transferring your weight properly as you swing.

  • Keep your shoulders level as you turn to take the club back
  • Put your weight on the inside of your back foot before you swing through

3. Focus on your hands

To swing through a golf shot with proper contact, you’ll want to get your hands to the ball before the head of the golf club.

This will allow you to swing the club all the way through the shot. As a result, the bottom of your swing will happen just in front of the ball and the tee, not behind it (which causes the ball to pop straight up rather than shoot forwards).

Try keeping your wrists and hands very firm until they are just past the ball. This will ensure that the club head gets there after them.

4. Practice

There are some great ways to improve your contact with the ball when you can’t make it out to the golf course or driving range.

One good drill is to practice swinging and brushing the ground right in front of your foot. This drill will help you learn to get your body moving through the shot in just the right place. It’ll also help you learn what it feels like to transfer weight properly. You can do the same thing with a ball when you're at the driving range.

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