4 tips to avoid travel emergencies

Anything can happen on a voyage. To minimize chances of emergencies, keep these quick precautions in mind.

4 tips to avoid travel emergencies

An improvised money belt

Save money by making your own money belt, then use it to save your money! You can make your own out of a pair of panty hose. Put your money, passport, and other valuables into the foot of the hose and tie the top around your waist. Your makeshift (and free) accessory will be concealed by your clothing.

Point your shoes toward the emergency exit

When you check into a hotel, take a few minutes to study the fire-exit diagrams posted on the inside of your door. Then place your shoes by the door before you retire for the night, pointing them in the direction of the emergency exit in your corridor. This way, if an alarm goes off in your hotel room and you wake up and smell smoke, you won't panic trying to remember which way to turn.

Seal luggage latches

When you check your bags on a flight these days, you'll probably be told to leave them unlocked in case security decides to inspect them. You then proceed to visualize your luggage being tossed about and the latches popping open — and your belongings suddenly vulnerable to thieves. Allay your concerns by covering the latches of your suitcase with just enough duct tape to fit over the fastenings. Security will then be able to inspect the bag by peeling back the tape, but your luggage contents will be secure. Use tape that matches the colour of your suitcase so that your quick fix won't be obvious to watchful wrongdoers.

A fine-toothed wallet protector

You might carry a wallet and comb around with you already. But did you know you could use them in tandem to prevent pickpockets from nabbing your wallet? Place your comb in the fold of your wallet so the teeth extend beyond the open edge; then double-loop a rubber band around the wallet through the comb teeth. When you put the wallet in your pants pocket or the breast pocket of your jacket, the teeth will catch on the fabric when moved. The upshot? When a thief tries to slip the wallet from your pocket, the comb will act as both a barrier and an alarm.

Avoid emergency situations with these four tips — rest assured, your travel plans will go smoothly regardless of your destination.

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