5 favourite Thanksgiving recipes with a twist

November 3, 2015

Five favourite Thanksgiving recipes with a twist

Everyone loves the food and family recipes at Thanksgiving. Here are some clever ways to update those favourite holiday dishes and give them a fresh spin for the season.

5 favourite Thanksgiving recipes with a twist

1. The bird

The show-stopper of most Thanksgiving tables is a stuffed turkey, roasted to perfection. The problem with stuffing your bird before baking it is that it often creates a longer cooking time, which can dry out the bird. Try stuffing the cavity of your turkey with an onion and a clove or two of garlic and make your stuffing in a separate dish.

If you want the most beautiful brown skin, massage the bird with mayonnaise before putting it in to bake. This also helps to keep the meat moist. Also, try cooking your bird upside-down for an hour during the initial cooking stage; turn it right-side up to finish baking.

2. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are on every holiday dinner table, but there are some great alternatives that might be more friendly for those on restrictive diets. Try steaming cauliflower florets and then mashing them until they reach the same consistency as potatoes. Add spices or margarine, if desired.

3. Green bean casserole

Another popular favourite is the traditional green bean casserole. One way to amp-up your casserole is to skip the cream of mushroom soup, and add a homemade bechamel sauce. This is easily made on the stove-top with equal parts of flour and butter, adding cream or milk until it reaches a creamy consistency. A touch of nutmeg or a handful of Parmesan cheese will enhance the flavour. As for the fried onions on top, try frying shallots in a pan with butter until crisp and use these to top your casserole. Delicious!

4. Cranberry sauce

If cranberry sauce in your house comes out of a can, try making your own with an inexpensive bag of fresh cranberries. Orange zest or extract gives it an extra special flavour, and guests and family will gobble it down!

5. The sides

Detour traditional Thanksgiving side dishes and try something a bit healthier that will also satisfy any vegans or plant-based eaters at your table. Cut up and roast a wide array of vegetables, including parsnips, carrots, broccoli, peppers and anything else you like. Toss with a small amount of olive oil or vegetable stock, and roast at a high heat for an hour. This also makes a great filling for a turkey pot pie the next day.

Try something a little different with these updated Thanksgiving favourites. You may start a new tradition or discover a more tasty approach to the foods that you have been preparing for years!

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