5 space-saving clothing storage tricks

October 9, 2015

Is there no room in your closet? Has that new pair of shoes disappeared into the mess? Try out these 5 space-saving clothing storage tricks to tame your wild closet.

5 space-saving clothing storage tricks

1. Closet them in canvas

  • Pick up a freestanding canvas closet, which you can set up in a spare room or basement. They're available at storage-gear stores or online and are inexpensive.
  • When you consider construction costs, adding a closet to your home for a mere 70 dollars is more than reasonable – and maybe easier than trying to declutter your space!
  • Canvas closets can give your home an extra one metre (three feet) of closet rod, plus storage for folded sweaters as well.
  • The canvas can also protect your stored clothes and let them breathe at the same time.

2. Sleep on it

  • If you'd like to find an extra 0.4 to 0.6 cubic metres (15 or 20 cubic feet) of extra clothing storage space, just take a look under your bed.
  • Container manufacturers have devised a wide variety of clever gizmos for making maximum use of this space.
  • Ideas include flat totes that will vacuum-pack bulky comforters, clear vinyl cases for shoes and accessories and wide storage boxes with wheels, snap-on lids or side drawer access.

3. Buy hard-working furniture

  • When you buy furniture, pick the kind that will perform more than one job — including storing clothing that you can't accommodate in your bedroom.
  • For example: choose a daybed with a hinge-up top and storage underneath, or a sofa with hidden drawers below the seat cushions.

4. Show them the door

  • Add shoe-bag-style organizers to the backs of closet doors and bedroom doors.
  • The typical shoe bag has hooks that fit over the top of the door, draping a couple dozen pockets down the door surface.
  • They also provide clever storage for rolled scarves, pantyhose, other accessories and even kids' toys.

5. Get hooked

In the bathroom, install several hooks on the back of the door for hanging extra towels and robes.

Many of us have amassed so much clothing that we just don't have enough storage space for them. The ultimate solution is to take an honest look at your wardrobe and get rid of a lot of the items that you never wear. Then, try and get creative with the space you still have.

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