Smart bedroom storage solutions

June 30, 2015

You want your bedroom to be a haven away from stress, so declutter it and maximize your use of the space. Read on for storage solutions that will clear some breathing room for you to enjoy.

Smart bedroom storage solutions

Between the sheets

There's no room for the set of flannel sheets you were given for Christmas, but where can you keep them? Hide the two halves of the set side-by-side between the mattress and the box spring at the foot of the bed.

A suitcase can be a great save

A suitcase may seem like much, but it's enough to hold the towels or shoes that won't fit into your bulging linen closet. Or, try it for the stack of magazines you insist you'll get around to reading some day. Going on a trip? Dump the contents in a cardboard box you store in a corner of the bedroom with a sheet thrown over it. Whether you're home or away, your stuff is still all in one place and out of sight.

Additional tips:

  • Don't store things in a suitcase that smells of mould or mildew, which will do whatever you've stashed away no favours.
  • Be sure to wrap any glass or ceramic objects in bubble wrap to protect them when the suitcase is moved.

Hang your clothes on two tiers

If the clothing rod in your bedroom closet is high up, or could be moved, suspend a second rod below it. Here's how.

  1. Cut a second rod to the desired length.
  2. Do the same with two vertical lengths of light-but-sturdy chain.
  3. Attach steel rings to both ends of the chains and hang the lower rod from the original.

Under-the-bed dresser drawer

Have an old dresser up in the attic? If you're smart, you're storing what you don't need in its drawers. But you can also bring one of its drawers right into your bedroom and keep it out of sight. Just attach casters to the bottom four corners for a rolling chest that's kept under the bed.

Make a sock organizer

You may not be able to keep a sock from losing its mate, but you can bring order to the pairs you keep in a dresser drawer. To avoid rummaging through a big pile of socks to find what you want:

  1. Cut shoe boxes in half.
  2. Position them so the open ends fit snugly against the front of the drawer. (Or, if you're handy with a bow saw or coping saw, cut two or three fibreboard dividers to the drawer depth.)
  3. Sort dress socks, casual socks and athletic socks into the appropriate compartments, and you'll be able to zero in on what you're looking for in a jiff.

Use door stops as hangers

When screwed into the back of a closet door, door stops with rubber tips make excellent hangers for shoes. Group the stops in pairs, setting them a few inches apart. Shoes hung and floor space cleared!

These great storage ideas will organize your bedroom lickety split — freeing up space for more retail therapy. Shop away!

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