5 spots where you can find plenty of fish

July 29, 2015

If your finding fish are everywhere but the end of your line, check out these spots. They could where you make your next big catch.

5 spots where you can find plenty of fish

1. Estuaries

  • Concentrate on areas where fish find food: near jetties, bridges and rocky foreshores.
  • When fishing during the rising tide, position yourself on a sandbank or the edge of waterside trees. Try few or no sinkers. Fish swim into these shallow areas to search for food.
  • On a low tide, position yourself just on the edge of a channel off a sandbar or similar spot. This is where large fish sit and wait for food to wash past.

2. Beaches

  • Look for signs of holes or gutters, like patches of dark water and an absence of breaking waves. Concentrate your efforts there.
  • If there's a rocky corner nearby, this is even better.
  • Try a variety of baits, although live bait is often the best bet.
  • Beach fishing requires longer rods and heavier tackle than are used in estuaries.

3. Rocks

  • Like beach fishing, rock fishing requires heavier tackle than estuary fishing.
  • Rocky shorelines give fish many opportunities for shelter and food.
  • If you're chasing something more exotic, fish in deep green water. Preferably, you should be spinning with lures or using small fish as live bait.
  • Rock fishing can be dangerous. Make sure the area is safe before stepping onto a rock platform or ledge.
  • Spend some time watching the sea's behaviour to see if a platform is safe.
  • Wear boots fitted with spiked metal strips to give a good foothold on slippery rocks.

4. Offshore

Boat anglers should look for fish-attracting structures like reefs, headlands and even floating debris.

5. Freshwater

An inland river or stream is one of the easiest and most pleasant places to fish. Likely places to catch fish include near holes, snags, pools and eddies.

Fish can be caught in many locations, from surfing beaches to quiet inland waterways. Wherever you decide to fish, keep in mind the habits and diet of your quarry and look for spots where they can find shelter and food.

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