5 tips for catching rainbow trout

January 15, 2015

You can make fishing for rainbow trout a lot easier if you know where to fish, which bait to use and which fishing gear to have. Here are five tips to help you snare a few rainbow trout on your next fishing trip.

5 tips for catching rainbow trout

1. Know where to find them

Thankfully, Canada is full of some of the best rainbow trout fishing in all of North America. The natural range of these fish is along the west of Canada, primarily within British Columbia. However, rainbow trout have been introduced to other lakes and streams within Canada, which means you can find them in other areas such as Ontario.

  • If you're on a lake, you'll want to look for areas where streams meet with the lake, as rainbow trout often like to congregate in these areas.
  • For rivers, these fish often like to congregate in pools created near large stones and boulders, as this can give the fish an area of calm to swim and catch insects in.

2. Use the right rod and tackle

  • Rainbow trout aren't huge fish, and using a medium power rod will likely mean that you won't feel the fish fight much.
  • Using a light or ultralight rod can make for a more challenging and sometimes more exciting fishing experience.
  • As far as tackle is concerned, rainbow trout can be skittish, and thicker lines can make them shy away from bait.
  • A two-pound tackle is often sufficient, although you can also utilize a four-pound tackle if you like.

3. Use the right lure

  • You can snag a rainbow trout with a wide range of lures, including spoons, plugs, jigs and spinners, usually in the range of 2.5 to 7 centimetres.
  • When you go fishing, you should bring a decent variety of lures in case your rainbows aren't having much luck with a particular lure.
  • If you use a spoon, try to use a small swivel, as this will prevent your line from snagging. Simply cast it, let it sink, and try to reel it in at a relatively slow pace in order for you to create a nice wobbling motion that should draw the fish in.
  • Some people find different colour combinations work on some rainbows and not others, with colour combos like silver and red, blue and green, and blue and chrome working, depending on the inclination or mood of the rainbows you're looking to snag.

4. Use the best bait options

There are a few bait options, including coloured dough fish bait that you simply mould on to the end of your hook. This works pretty well most of the time, but natural standard baits such as night crawlers and worms are often more efficient.

  • Bait can also help a fish latch on to a lure for a longer period of time, ensuring your fish actually hooks.
  • For instance, a great strategy is to use a jig with a mealworm attached, let it sink with a weight and periodically reel it in before allowing to it to sink again.
  • The fish will be attracted by the jig and then latch on for the mealworm.

5. Try fly fishing

Fly fishing is also an excellent way to catch rainbow trout, especially when they seem to be focused on eating insects at the surface of the water.

  • You can also utilize a bobber on your line followed by a leader with a fly attached if you aren't a fly fisher, which can sometimes get you just as many bites.

With these tips in mind, your rainbow trout fishing experience might just be a bit easier. Just don't forget to enjoy the beautiful Canadian wilderness while you're out there.

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