6 spring cleaning tips to get windows clean and clear

Most people dislike spring cleaning and washing windows even more – but the sparkling results can make it oh-so-worthwhile! Here are 6 foolproof tips for having the cleanest, clearest windows on the block.

6 spring cleaning tips to get windows clean and clear

1. Warm days are not your friend

It might be tempting to do your window washing on a warm, sunny day. You've already started cleaning inside your house. Makes sense, right? Wrong. You'll wind up worse off than you were when you started. Why?

  • Your window washing solution will dry on contact, leaving your windows streaky.
  • By washing your windows on a cloudy day, they dry slower and leave fewer streaks than on warmer days.

2. Go "old school"

You've washed your windows and when you step back to admire your handiwork, you spot those dreaded streaks. What's worse, you can't tell if they're on the inside or outside of the pane. You'll have to reclean the panes on both sides, but with what?

  • One of the best tools to use is a clean blackboard eraser, rubbed in a circular motion.

To avoid having to guess which side of a window is streaked, next time you clean your windows use an up-and-down wiping motion on one side and a back-and-forth motion on the other.

  • The way the lines run will let know which side needs to be "erased".

3. Use the right solution

People have probably argued about the best ways to clean windows since glass was invented. Two formulas that never disappoint are:

  • 125 millilitres (0.5 cup) of ammonia in 7.8 litres (two gallons) of warm water
  • or 500 millilitres (one cup) of white vinegar in one litre (four cups) of water.

To remove isolated smudges and execute other quick cleanups, wipe window panes with a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar.

4. Scrub dust off screens

It's nice to open a window to get a breath of fresh air, but the effect isn't nearly as pleasant when the screen is full of dust, pollen and other airborne debris.

  • For a quick cleanup, dig a brush-type hair roller out of the bathroom drawer and run it lightly over the screen. If you last used one around 1989 and don't happen to have a stray hair roller under the sofa, dust the screen with a lint remover instead!

5. Grab the daily news

You can ward off streaking by using the right equipment, which needn't be costly or even commercial.

  • Crumpled up newspaper with no coloured ink is ideal, as is the packing paper used by professional movers.

6. Try some club soda

One of the simplest and most effective glass window cleaners around is club soda, which dries without streaking.

  • Just pour it into a spray bottle and spritz the windows, then dry with a cloth.

Cleaning windows is not a fun activity, but these easy-to-follow tips will make it all go smoother, with top-notch results — you'll see!

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