7 skin care tips for glowing skin

August 14, 2020

Everyone’s skin is different, but there are a few key things that women with great skin never forget to do. Sure, you already know that eating well and drinking plenty of water will help your skin glow from the inside out. But what else should you know, and do, to get beautiful skin?

7 skin care tips for glowing skin

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1.  Apply sunscreen every day

Any dermatologist will tell you that a good SPF is the most important step in every skincare routine, 365 days a year. Sun exposure causes premature aging, such as brown spots and fine lines, and can even lead to skin cancer so be sure to use an SPF 15 or greater every day. Look for ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which help reflect harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2.  Exfoliate regularly—but gently

The skin is constantly renewing itself, shedding dead cells to make way for healthier skin underneath. If you leave those dead cells on your face, they may clog pores and prevent your skincare products from penetrating deeply. You can choose a physical exfoliant such as a scrub or use a sponge or brush. Chemical exfoliators, such as AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) help cell turnover and brighten skin. Those with sensitive skin may want to opt for a gentler exfoliant such as a fruit enzyme like papain or bromelain. Limit exfoliation to one to three times per week to avoid overdoing it.

3.  Wear a mask

No, we’re not talking PPE here. Treatment masks are a great way to repair whatever ails your skin. Whether it’s dryness, breakouts, redness, or signs of aging there’s a mask for that. Choose from creams, mud, gel or sheet masks to find your favourite formula. Don’t forget eye and lip masks for intense hydration in these sensitive areas.

4.  Never go to bed with makeup on

No matter how tired you are never, ever go to bed without removing your makeup.  Makeup that sits on your skin overnight can sink deep into pores, causing dull skin and breakouts. Need a shortcut? It’s okay to cheat a little sometimes by using makeup wipes or, better yet, a cotton pad soaked in micellar water.

5.  Clean your phone

Your mobile phone is a breeding ground for germs. Keep antibacterial wipes handy for regular cleaning and use headphones to avoid touching the phone – and that bacteria – to your face.

6.  Learn how to layer your products

A good moisturizer is a must twice a day, even for oily skin, but applying your full skincare regimen in the right order is key. As a rule of thumb, start with the lightest formula and end with the thickest, to seal in moisture. For day (after cleansing and toning), apply a treatment serum, then eye cream, followed by moisturizer and finish with sunscreen. At night follow the same routine (minus the sunscreen) and consider double cleansing to remove every trace of dirt and oil. Targeted treatments such as retinols and anti-aging serums are best used at night when the skin does most of its regenerating. Apply these before the final step: night cream.

7.  Visit a dermatologist

Still struggling with a pesky skin problem? A trip to the dermatologist can be the key to unlocking the mysteries of your skin, such as misdiagnosed skin conditions, and also gives you access to new products and ingredients, including some available by prescription only.

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