7 things to do a month or two before your wedding

November 3, 2015

Time seems to fly when you're planning a wedding — there's so much to arrange! But as the big day gets closer, there are a few tasks you should definitely wrap up ASAP. Here's a list of seven things you should do when your wedding is a month or two away.

7 things to do a month or two before your wedding

1. Go in for a final bridal party fitting

One of the most important things to do is make an appointment for a final fitting of your bridal gown and veil.

  • Be sure to bring along the lingerie and shoes you'll wear on the big day so that the fitting will emulate the day you get married.
  • You should also contact bridesmaids to arrange for final fittings of their gowns. Ask them to do likewise, i.e., bring the lingerie and shoes they'll wear on the wedding day so the fittings will be perfect.

2. Get the rings and license

Ask your groom to pick up the wedding rings and confirm that any engraving you'd ordered is correct.

  • If you haven't already done so, you should secure your marriage license and put it in a safe place so it won't be mislaid.

3. Contact the people working on your wedding

Now is a good time to also contact your caterer, florist, musicians, bakery, DJ, transportation and any other vendors to confirm schedules, delivery times and payment procedures (if you still owe a balance.)

  • Be as specific as possible when communicating with your vendors and service providers so that there's absolutely no room for error on the big day.

4. Confirm wedding details and publicize!

When you're wedding's just one or two months away, it's a good idea to meet with your ceremony officiant to confirm wedding details.

  • Be sure to share any changes in the ceremony elements that may have occurred since your previous meeting.
  • You'll also want to send a wedding announcement to local newspapers or announce it through social media at this time.
  • Make sure the invitations are sent to all of those who will be attending the rehearsal dinner.

5. Complete incidental tasks (before they pile up!)

Be sure to take care of incidentals now. Although these tasks may be small, they can stack up quickly! That includes such things as:

  • Purchasing a guest book, the pillow for rings, toasting goblets, a garter, cake knife and other things that are essential for your ceremony and reception.
  • Preparing payment envelopes for the ceremony officiant, organist, and/or other musicians involved.
  • Determining (or adjusting) the seating plan for your reception, if you want one, so that you can create place cards well in advance.

6. Meet with your photographer and videographer

Schedule one more meeting with your photographer and videographer at the one- to two-month mark.

  • Use this meeting to confirm the wedding date and to make any special photo requests that you might have.

7. Prepare for your honeymoon

It's best to take care of honeymoon details during this time to confirm honeymoon trip reservations as well as the itinerary.

  • To help make sure your trip goes smoothly, secure traveller's checks or appropriate currency, as well as tickets, medical information and travel documents for your travels.
  • You should also get a jump start and pack for the honeymoon trip, making sure to include sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, dinner clothing and other wardrobe items appropriate for your destination.

Relax and enjoy the run-up to your wedding

As your big day draws nearer, remember to have some fun! Attend bachelor and bachelorette parties held in your honour and just breathe deeply and relax: if you've checked everything off of this list then you have all the planning for your wedding under control!

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