American vs. Continental: What hotel breakfast choices mean

November 26, 2014

Not  sure which breakfast option to choose? American or Continental? Here's what hotel breakfast choices mean.

American vs. Continental: What hotel breakfast choices mean

Continental breakfast

The continental breakfast is the most common option hotels will offer their guests. It is quick and easy to prepare, and offers light options for guests who want to get themselves moving in the morning.

Café Simple consists of juice, tea, or coffee, perfect for anyone who needs to be up and out the door quickly. A common variation to this choice is the Café Complete. Light breads, pastries, bread rolls, and toast are included.

American breakfast

The American breakfast is a more involved option and includes more selection. Typically this means a choice of eggs, cereals, or pancakes with side dishes such as bacon or breakfast sausages, hash browns or home fries and toast. Options of coffee, tea, milk, and juices are available. What's more, seasonally available fruit may also be presented.

The English variant of this morning meal can be quite elaborate and include fish and cheese dishes as well. Establishments that offer brunch service may include dishes not typically seen as morning items. These may include heavier meals such as club sandwiches or burgers, as well as more variety in side dishes, like fried potatoes and cooked vegetables.

Similar to American or English breakfasts, brunch takes more time to prepare so it may cost you more.

Buffet breakfast

Buffet breakfast has something for everyone and is always ready and stocked for a wide variety of tastes and morning habits.

Heated and cooled trays hold many options and are restocked frequently, depending on the flow of guest traffic through the dining area. The busier the breakfast buffet, the fresher the items will be. Guests are always getting the best the hotel cooks can prepare. Attendants will be available to check the levels of food and restock dishes when necessary.

Most hotels list their breakfast menus on their websites. Knowing what kind of breakfast your hotel will be offering should tell you just how your days will be starting!

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