An easy guide to installing roller blinds

July 28, 2015

New blinds can completely change the look of a room. Here's a simple DIY guide to installing roller blinds in your home.

An easy guide to installing roller blinds

You will need

Before you begin, measure the window to determine what width your blind needs to be in order to fit properly.

You will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Junior hacksaw
  • Long metal ruler
  • Light pencil
  • Scissors or trimming knife
  • Spirit level
  • Drill
  • Wall plugs
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

Cutting a blind to fit

Once you have established the required width of the blind, subtract the thickness of the brackets at either end to calculate how wide the roller needs to be.

  1. Fully unwind the fabric and peel it away from the roller at one end. Remember that if the blind has a symmetrical pattern or shaped bottom edge, you may need to cut an equal amount off each side. Use a junior hacksaw to cut through the metal tube.
  2. Use a long metal ruler and a light pencil to mark a cutting line the full length of the fabric, 1.5 millimetres (1/16 inch) in from the cut edge of the tube and trim off the unwanted material with a pair of scissors.
  3. Use the hacksaw to cut the stiffening bar at the bottom edge of the blind, replacing the end cap when you have done it.
  4. Re-roll the blind, tightly and evenly back onto the roller — you may need a helper to do this.

Mounting the blind

Once again, you may want an assistance to help you mount the blind.

  1. Using a spirit level as a guide, pencil a straight line across the wall or molding surfaces on which you want the blind to sit.
  2. Hold the blind precisely in place while you mark the screwhole positions for the brackets, either in the top of a recess, on the face of a wall or window frame, or from the ceiling if it's low.
  3. Drill the screwholes and insert wall plugs into them if necessary (there's no need for plugs if you're drilling into wood).
  4. Install the brackets, making sure that you place the bracket that will take the scrolling cord on the side where you want it.
  5. Slide the blind into the brackets as per the manufacturer's instructions (this may mean removing the plastic covers on the brackets, and replacing them once everything is functioning smoothly).

See, that wasn't so hard, right? Follow these simple steps and you'll have your blinds mounted in no time.

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