3 do it yourself keys to installing blinds

July 27, 2015

Putting up window coverings is not as hard as it seems. Once you've chosen your blinds use these simple pointers to measure, install and repair your blinds yourself and avoid calling in an expensive professional.

3 do it yourself keys to installing blinds

Key #1: Taking the right measure

Usually installation will be within the window's frame unless the window style does not allow it or unless you can't get it dark enough that way.

  • For an inside mount: measure the width inside the frame from jamb to jamb; measure the length from the top of the upper sash to the bottom of the lower sash.
  • For an outside mount: include the left and right frame sides in the width, and the frame top to sill for the length.

Key #2: Time to get screwy

Now it's time to mount the brackets and having a drill may come in handy.

  • For an inside mount, mark the brackets inside the window frame.
  • For an outside mount (on top of the frame), separate the blind from the brackets.
  • Pre-drill small holes for the screws and then screw the brackets in place.
  • Slide the blind into the brackets.
  • Hold a continuous pull-chain bracket downward until tight; mark the holes and then screw it to the jamb.

Installation is ideally a four-handed job with one person holding the blind while the other uses a level to make sure its straight and mark the holes wherever needed. But one person can do the job too.

Key #3: The fix is in

Do it yourself repair work on blinds can be tricky but if you use another blind as a guide it be a piece of cake. For example, by comparing it to another blind, you can see how to retie a loose Venetian blind cord that holds a slat.

  • Dirty tapes: To touch up small smudges or spots on white Venetian blind tapes, lower the blind completely and apply a small amount of liquid white shoe polish — just enough to touch up the spot. Allow the polish to dry before raising the blind.
  • Unbalanced blinds: Occasionally a blind becomes skewed, causing it to lower or raise at an angle. To correct this, lower or raise the blind completely and then raise or lower it into position again. Repeat if needed.
  • Controls: There is such a variety of pulley mechanisms for blinds that it may be safer to rely on a professional to repair a non-functioning one. Your warranty may cover the problem; contact the store where you bought the blind.

With this simple advice you can upgrade your window coverings and get them working right without the expense of a professional installer.

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