Area rugs add style and comfort to your space

December 26, 2014

Rather than cover your floors in carpet, consider area rugs for softer and more stylish floor coverings. Area rugs come in a variety of colours, designs and materials that can accent or define the look of any room.

Types of area rugs

How a rug is made affects its look and feel. These are the common kinds of area rugs.

Knotted rugs: Made with thousands of tiny knots pulled through the fabric, knotted rugs are strong and durable. They often come in rich colours and dramatic patterns. If you’re looking for an oriental or Persian rug, it will most likely be knotted. More knots means a stronger, higher-quality carpet.

Hooked and tufted rugs: Tufted and hooked rugs look similar to knotted rugs but are usually more affordable and less durable. The major difference between hooked and tufted rugs is how they’re shorn. Tufted rugs resemble carpet while hooked rugs are roughly shorn or left unshorn for an uneven look.

Woven rugs: Handmade woven rugs are expensive, but they can also incorporate many different fabrics for colourful, detailed and intricate patterns. Woven rugs are made on a loom, the classic method of carpet-making, so they often add a classic texture to the space.

Braided rugs: Made by twisting thick braids of material into round or oval shapes, braided rugs are often found at entrance areas for wiping off wet or dirty shoes. These rugs can take a lot of abuse and are made from rugged natural or synthetic fibres for a rustic appearance.

Factors to consider when buying area rugs

The source of your rug and construction materials can affect its look and purpose. Here are some additional factors to think about when looking at rugs.

Handmade vs. machine-made: Handmade knotted rugs are among the best rugs in the world but are also very expensive. Manual rug-making is labour-intensive so many companies rely on machines to make rugs faster and reduce costs. Machine-made rugs are more affordable but generally of poorer quality.

Materials: The type of rug material dramatically affects its use, so consider the purpose of the rug before deciding on the fabric. Synthetics, like nylon, are waterproof and hold their colour. Jute or bamboo rugs offer natural textures and shed water, so they can go indoors or outdoors. For greater durability, consider a wool rug that resists wear and retains its colour.

Space: Choosing a rug depends on your decor and floor space. For 8 x 10 area rugs and larger you’ll need enough room to leave a border around the edges. Use smaller accent rugs sparingly. Allow the types of patterns to decide how and where they belong based on your personal taste.

Area rugs are a beautiful, practical and stylish alternative to standard carpeting. Choose patterns and materials that accent your decor without overwhelming your floor plan and other home fashions.

Area rugs add style and comfort to your space
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