6 things to consider when buying a baby stroller

November 6, 2014

Buying a stroller can be difficult because of the many features that different models offer. Searching for the perfect stroller should not be an issue given the relatively short lifespan of the product. Here are a few useful suggestions when it comes to searching for the perfect stroller for your developing family.

6 things to consider when buying a baby stroller

Handle bars

The handles are a very important feature. Many people gravitate toward a full bar handle as opposed to two separate handles for steering the stroller. This allows you to retain more control of the stroller. Testing the stroller before purchasing is advised because you will probably have it for at least two years.

Sturdiness and durability

Checking the sturdiness of the stroller is important because nobody wants to go stroller shopping more than once. Making sure the stroller does not feel flimsy and the equipment is able to take some harsh movement will help with your choice. Testing the stroller and understanding the return policy is important in case the product cannot keep up with your lifestyle.

Hood or plastic cover

In areas of high foot and road traffic, a cover is useful because a child's immune system may not be as powerful as your own. A hood also helps protect them from harmful UV rays, rain and other extreme weather conditions.


The number of tires on your stroller comes down to personal preference. Three tires offer more precision for turning and protection against tipping. A four-wheeled stroller offers more weight distribution. Perform a test run with either type of stroller, just like testing a car before buying. Feel free to kick the wheels and check the breaks when testing how the stroller handles turns at the store.

Collapse and transportation

If the stroller can be opened and collapsed with one hand and a foot, then it's ideal for purchase. There will be many times when you will find yourself carrying your child and having to set up the stroller with only those two options for setup. Try carrying the stroller around once it is collapsed to get an idea if it's too heavy for you.

Baby seating

Having a seat that's able to adapt to the child's growth is important. This makes things easier for you during these transitional years before your child can walk on his or her own.

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